College Care Packages

Do you have a student heading off to college? We are so proud of our High School Graduates! Many of them are starting a new chapter in their lives by attending universities and colleges all over the country.

Sign up your college students for College Care. College students are connected with a member of the congregation--their "secret pal."  The pal prays for their college student, sends occasional notes of encouragement and sometimes small gifts.

If you are interested in supporting our college students, consider becoming a sponsor in the College Care Ministry.

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Cell Groups

In an effort to better serve students and families, we are shifting the youth ministry into cell ministry format. We are the Body of Christ, and the basic building block of the body is the cell. Cell Groups will meet on Sundays beginning June 7.

Groups are incoming students going into 7-12th grade in the 2020/21 school year. 9-12th grade meets at 6:30pm and 7-8th grade will meet at 2pm. Additionally, we will form a group for college students, including graduating seniors. Incoming 6th graders will move into confirmation. Cell Groups will meet online at first, but will meet in person when able. As restrictions ease, we may join groups together. Cells allow us to have better connections online and quicker connections in person.

Questions? Contact Rev. Bill Mauldin at

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