We try to create a welcoming environment so that everyone that comes in our door feels loved and accepted, regardless of background or faith journey. Small groups and large group gatherings take place throughout the week for middle school and high school students to help everyone feel cared for based on preferred worship style. We are always in need of adult volunteers and small group leaders for a variety of roles throughout the year. Use the below button to register for youth programming.

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If you are looking for additional info, please Director of Youth Ministry Steve Garrison at steveg@tmumc.org.

Middle School

6th - 8th graders meet in the Family Life Center on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights for fellowship, fun, and Bible lessons.

High School

9th - 12th graders meet on Sundays and during the week for Bible studies, prayer time, and more.

Youth Choir

Calling all 6th – 12th graders, join us every Sunday in the Choir Room at 3:30pm for Youth Choir rehearsals.


6th - 8th Graders learn to understand the basics of Christianity.

Missions & Camps

Check back regularly on this page to see upcoming mission and camp opportunities for your youth.

College Care

Sign up to sponsor a college student or be sponsored! Help students feel connected to their home church while they are off at college with little gifts, cards, and phone calls.

All North Texas Youth Worship Night

We are partnering with other north Texas United Methodist Church youth groups and worshiping together with their youth bands. Everyone welcome on November 6 at 5pm!

Discipleship Plan

Your youth are part of our community and we are dedicated to help them grow spiritually. This is not a checklist, but simply a road map for each youth's spiritual journey.

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Download the TMUMC app to connect more deeply on Sunday mornings. Use the app to take worship notes, check the calendar, watch the latest sermons, give, read stories, and more.