Biblical Relevance is one of our core values at Trietsch, so it is very important to us to make worship relevant to the world we're living in today. Because of this, we base our Sunday morning messages on specific worship series. It is our goal to take the infinite Truths of scripture and help you connect them to the struggles, joys, relationships, and personal growth that you are experiencing.

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The first book of the Bible, Genesis, is a beautiful poetic expression of relationship with God and each other. We began with meaningful connection to all living things, but when we saw we were naked we wanted to hide. Now replace the word “naked” with vulnerable. When we saw we were vulnerable we wanted to hide – from God and each other. We’ve been battling against vulnerability ever since.

We struggle because vulnerability is at the core of difficult emotions like fear, grief, and disappointment, but it’s also the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, and empathy. Vulnerability is uncomfortable. However, when we step back and examine our lives we will find that nothing is as uncomfortable, dangerous, and hurtful as standing on the outside looking in and wondering what it would be like if we had the courage to step into vulnerability with the people we share life with—whether it’s a troubled relationship, a difficult family conversation, or an important meeting.

God provides a wholeness and courage that truly enables us to be both vulnerable and strong, both intimate and bold, both exposed and protected. Join us in September as we explore the curiosity and the courage of bringing vulnerability to our relationships.

September 5 Genesis 3:1-10 | Why vulnerability is crucial to intimacy
September 12 Genesis 6, 12, & 18 | Developing Intimacy
September 19 Genesis 11 & 27 | Destroying Intimacy
September 26 Genesis 45:1-15 | Discovering Vulnerability

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