Biblical Relevance is one of our core values at Trietsch, so it is very important to us to make worship relevant to the world we're living in today. Because of this, we base our Sunday morning messages on specific worship series. It is our goal to take the infinite Truths of scripture and help you connect them to the struggles, joys, relationships, and personal growth that you are experiencing.

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We generally think of “weirdness” as stepping outside of social norms or experiencing something strange, but maybe weirdness is something to be celebrated. God made a weird world. It’s unique, interesting, surprising, wild, and remarkable. Weird!

With that in mind, there might be no weirder book than the Bible. We turn to Scripture for help and hope in everything, and we use it as our primary foundation for faith. But did you know there’s some weird stuff in the Bible, too? There are talking donkeys, bears mauling teens, incest, drunkenness, angel wrestling, and more! It gets pretty weird.

In our July worship series, Weird, we’ll dive into some of the weirdest stories of the Bible. We’ll uncover the context of the story and discover the redeeming value for our lives. It’ll be weird, but also fun and meaningful!

July 3 Angels Mating With Humans | Genesis 6:1-4
July 10 Hospitality Gone Wrong | Genesis 19:1-11
July 17 Saved By The Foreskin | Exodus 4:24-26
July 24 Dung Cooked Bread Lying Down | Ezekiel 4:1-16
July 31 A Talking Donkey | Numbers 22:22-35

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