The UM General Conference has postponed until 2021.  To keep you informed as possible, we will schedule two educational Town Hall meetings to discuss what will be happening at General Conference and to answer your questions. These are informational purposes only. As we have more information we will reschedule the Town Hall Meetings to discuss what’s ahead for our denomination.

UM News has created a comparison of proposals that have been submitted to General Conference 2020. As stated above, the General Conference for 2020 has been rescheduled to 2021.

We have attached the proposals for you to review if you desire. We will walk through this document during the Town Hall and answer questions, as well as explain the process by which these proposals could be amended or approved.

It is important to note that nothing is absolute. These proposals are simply that, proposals. By the time new proposals are added, reviewed, voted on, amended, etc., it's very possible that the outcome will be unrecognizable if compared to the current proposals.

Download Proposals→

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