What is happening in our denomination?

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What is happening in our denomination?

a letter from Rev. Daniel Humbert

In this month of gratitude, I give thanks for you and the ministry of Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church of which we are all a part. Our mission of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ remains our central focus for everything we do.

I know there are some who are concerned about what’s going on in our larger denomination, The United Methodist Church. In May of this year, we held congregational gatherings to help explain what is happening in the denomination. We shared data, responded to questions, and invited participants to offer their personal opinion regarding issues of human sexuality. To better understand the various viewpoints on which the personal opinion survey was based, you may do so here or read below.  To see the survey results of demographic information and the opinion question, click here

Questions remain about what’s happening in our denomination. I offer you this FAQ to help provide clarity. Let me share just a few basic facts. A UMC congregation is not required to enter into discernment or take a congregational vote regarding disaffiliation (see FAQ). No doctrine can or will be changed by the UMC (see FAQ). Nothing can change in the UMC until after the 2024 General Conference (see FAQ). No one knows what or if anything will change in the UMC until after that point in time.

The concerning news is that our greater denomination is struggling through an identity crisis. The good news is that Trietsch has a clear purpose—leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and because of Christ we envision a community where people matter, brokenness is healed and love is lived. The elected leadership of Trietsch is committed to achieving this mission and vision through the witness of the UMC until otherwise determined. Therefore, we remain Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church.

I am grateful to be a part of a church that has a clear vision and a committed purpose. Jesus will always be our guide post—his life, teachings, death and resurrection. We can never go wrong with Jesus leading us.

Rev. Daniel Humbert
Senior Pastor

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