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Wesley-Rankin Thanks Trietsch

Shellie Ross, Senior Director of Education at Wesley-Rankin, wants to let Trietsch know how much MAD Camp means to her students. Thank you so much for all of the effort put in to make it happen every year! And special thanks to Pam Taylor, our fearless leader.

Dearest Friends of Trietsch Memorial UMC,

I continue to be amazed at the creativity, compassion, and large love offered to our summer B3X campus students at Wesley-Rankin! The engagement of our kids, their smiles, and eagerness to board buses are all signs that friendships exist between these children and your church family. You've opened your arms to embrace 200 students from West Dallas every summer...this is no simple task. And we are most grateful for your consistent care.

From the tie-dyed shirts to the specialized electives for middle schoolers, the camp is tailored to meet the interests of students and offer hands-on learning. Not to mention, I truly think we have so many students interested in learning musical intruments in after-school programs because of your musical offerings in summer camp. For example, Ashley first played a violin at Trietsch three years ago. Since that summer, she has been taking violin lessons every Tuesday from a volunteer instructor, Kenzie, during after-school hours. At the end of school last year, Ashley played the violin for all the students. And, you should know, although Ashley struggles in school due to dyslexia, she is a musical genius! She can hear a song and practically imitate the music within one lesson. Thanks to your influence, Ashley has found a passion and way to express herself on the hardest of school days.

These stories could go on and on...I hear students mention you by name because they truly believe that you care about them and look forward to their return year after year. Whispers of how much they love the food do not go unheard because all the students agree that you provide the best meals! Little voices humming and singing songs from the music class will echo in our halls until the last day. Art will hang in their bedrooms and on refrigerators, and the memories created from dancing and theater will never be forgotten. You leave footprints on our lives and we are most grateful for you being such an imporant part of our journey.

Please send our thanks and appreciation to all who donated, planned, volunteered, and believed in our friendship. It's truly beautiful and we love you.


Shellie Ross
Senior Director of Education
Wesley-Rankin Community Center

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 1:35 PM
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