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Week 3 | Unshallow Conversation Starters

How to use this…

Read through these Unshallow Conversation Starters around the dinner table or any designated meeting time with family and friends. It’s simple! Ask a question to start having deep, meaningful conversations. You can go through 1 question each day or go through them all at once!

Each set of questions offers a good conversation starter for adults and a fun question for families that are more kid-friendly.

To go even deeper, read the recommended Scripture for the week located on the side of each question card and talk about how the Scripture could be connected to the conversation starters. Let’s get the conversations started!

Week 3 Scripture | Genesis 11 & 27

  • Question 1
    • For Adults
      What is your birth order and how has it impacted your life?
    • For Families
      What do you like best and least about your birth order?
  • Question 2
    • For Adults
      Whose approval means the most to you? Why?
    • For Families
      If you were the parent, what is one family rule you would make?
  • Question 3
    • For Adults
      How do you react when someone is mad at you?
    • For Families
      If you could be any age right now, what age would you be and why?
  • Question 4
    • For Adults
      When have you felt pressure to be somebody you’re not?
    • For Families
      How do you calm down when you’re upset?
  • Question 5
    • For Adults
      What something you’ve done or said, intentionally or unintentionally, that you regret?
    • For Families
      What do you do when you’ve accidentally hurt someone’s feelings?
  • Question 6
    • For Adults
      Tell someone at the table a time they made you feel loved.
    • For Families
      Tell each person at the table your favorite activity to do with them.
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