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Volunteer Spotlight: Shanna Freer

Amy Parsons spent some time with Shanna Freer, this month's Volunteer Spotlight. Sign up to serve today at TMUMC.ORG/serve!

This month we celebrate Shanna Freer, who spends her time working with Trietsch kids in Children's Ministry. She has been at Trietsch for the past 2 years working with both VBS and children's Sunday school.

Shanna and her husband Paul have 2 young boys, Teague who is 3 and Lane who is 15 months. Shanna had worked for Southwest Airlines for 16 years when she left the busy chaotic life of the corporate world for the busy, chaotic and WONDERFUL life as a stay at home mom! She was looking for something to assist in her transition to such a different lifestyle and saw a friend online recommend Trietsch.

Upon visiting Trietsch, she saw the newsfeed advertising a need for Sunday School teachers and felt that it was speaking to her. She has loved working with the kids in the Sunday School classes as well as running the registration desk and greeting people at the door. Shanna feels she has found her calling and is serving during BOTH Sunday School hours right now, teaching 4 and 5 year olds at 9:30 and 3rd - 5th graders at 11:00. For worship, she loves watching the sermons online and enjoys a lot of the website articles and things to keep her connected.

Shanna also speaks of the wonderful support group she's had here at Trietsch when going through some challenging times. Her 3-year-old son was recently diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Shanna says that the amazing support she received and friendships she has built with her Children's Ministry team members have made all the difference in the world.

Shanna, who also decorates cookies for gifts as a hobby, is looking forward to serving as the Preschool Director for this summer's VBS. She says the thing that she loves the most about working in Children's Ministry is when her young friends see her outside of the classroom setting and are SO EXCITED to run up and greet her. She has truly discovered a new passion in sharing the word of God and the love of Christ with the youngest church-goers here at Trietsch.

For your love and commitment towards our children, WE THANK YOU, SHANNA!

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