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Memories of VBS

Denise Robinson shares how VBS was a reliable, welcoming place in the constantly changing life of an Army brat. Please consider volunteering with VBS to make a memorable experience for our kids!

I am an Army brat.  I wear it as a badge of honor.  Did you know that "Army brat" actually has an official definition?  It is "a child of a career soldier, especially one who has lived in various places as a result of military transfers." 

What did this mean for me? First of all, when someone asks me where I grew up, I ask them how much time they have. When a security question on a website is "Name of your elementary school," I promptly push the button for a different security question.  I shopped at the Commissary and the PX instead of Tom Thumb and Walmart.  Not only do I tear up whenever I hear the Nation Anthem, I can still sing some pretty crazy cadence songs AND know all the words to "The Caissons Go Rolling Along."

From Kindergarten to 6th grade, I lived in the following places:  Canyon, Texas; El Paso, Texas; Leavenworth, Kansas; San Angelo, Texas; Heidelberg, Germany; Schweinfurt, Germany and Alexandria, Virginia. That’s seven places in seven years. Every place was a little different and some places we liked much better than others. We have funny and heart-warming stories associated with every place.

One special memory for me, however, is that I attended Vacation Bible School in every place that I lived. I LOVED Vacation Bible School. It didn't matter whether I had just moved in or was getting ready to move out, I always felt welcomed and loved at VBS.

Some of the things I learned at those 7 different Vacation Bible Schools all around the country and world is still applicable to my life today.

  1.  Jesus loves me this I know. 
  2. Adults and teenagers can be silly and have fun, too.
  3. Bible stories aren't boring.
  4. A mid-morning snack changes everything.
  5. The most valuable artwork in any home is that which is hung on the refrigerator.

My own children didn't move as much as I did. Stephanie and Alyssa only moved 4 times between kindergarten and 6th grade. (I know, to some of you, that is still a lot!) Wherever we lived, they too participated in Vacation Bible School. I hope they also have fond memories. Won’t you take a moment and share your favorite VBS memory?

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