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The Voice

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27 NIV)

Sometimes the voices overwhelm us, voices calling for us to buy this or do this; voices calling for us to be fearful or angry; voices reminding us of our failings and sins; voices telling us we are not worthwhile or lovable. One pastor I know refers to these voices as the committee meeting in our minds.

There is, my friends, another voice. A Voice quiet but persistent, a Voice whispering in our ears, “You are mine ... you are loved ... you are forgiven ... you are of eternal worth.” In the midst of the committee meeting going on in your head, can you hear that Voice? In the midst of other voices, can you dare to believe in the other Voice? Can you dare to believe you are both known and loved?

Parents called their rabbi and asked him to please come to their home and straighten out their willful and disobedient child. When the rabbi came to the house, much to the parents’ chagrin, he simply held the boy close to him and never said a word. The boy grew up and became a famous rabbi, known for wisdom and compassion. When asked how he came to be so wise and compassionate, he said, “As a boy, I put my ear close to the chief rabbi’s heart, and in that moment, I heard the heartbeat of God.” Hear the heartbeat of God, whispering “I love you.” And when we hear the heartbeat of God, when we believe in the voice of God whispering “I love you,” then we are home; then we are whole.

~Scott McKenzie


When do you most hear God’s whisper?


At the end of the day, sit down for a few minutes and ask, “What voices did I listen to today?” In your journal, make a list of the committee voices you hear throughout the day. Now in the quiet, can you hear the whisper of God, can you hear the heartbeat of God? Welcome home!


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Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 6:00 AM

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