The Millennium in Revelation

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The Millennium in Revelation

Revelation 20 refers to the millennium. Please see the below explanation of the 1000-year period mentioned in Revelation. Wnat to know more about the Book of Revelation? CLICK HERE to read Rev. Daniel Humbert's blog post, "What We Believe About Revelation."

  1. Postmillennialism: looks for a literal 1000-year period of peace on earth. At the end of the 1000-years, Satan will be unleased once more, but then Christ will return to defeat him and reign forever. Christ’s second coming will not occur until after the millennium.
  2. Premillennialism: also views the 1000 years literally but holds that Christ’s second coming initiates his 1000-year reign and that this reign occurs before the final removal of Satan.
  3. Amillennialism: understands the 1000 years to be symbolic of the time between Christ’s ascension and his return. This millennium is the reign of Christ in the hearts of believers and in his church. This period will end with the second coming of Christ.

These different views need not cause division and controversy in the church because each view acknowledges what is crucial to Christianity—Christ will return, defeat evil, and reign forever.

Looking for more?

Listen to the episode "Revelation Explained" from the Life+God Podcast in which Alyssa Robinson and Rev. Daniel Humbert have an in-depth conversation around the meaning and interpretation of the book of Revelation.

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