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Don't Wait to Serve

An E3 worship series recap from Rev. Clay Horton:

God has encouraged, equipped and empowered us to live missionally and make a difference in this world for the Kingdom of God. During this past worship series, many of our members lived into this truth. Over 360 people stepped up to lead or participate in No Selfie Saturday projects.


Here are some of the ways members of the congregation inspired me:

  • Many project team leaders took their project to the next level. Each team leader was assigned to do a certain project at a non-profit or ministry. However, once the team leaders started learning about the organization they would be serving, they discovered new needs. The leader of the group bringing a meal to the Flower Mound Police Department learned that the police station’s grill was rusted out. He therefore sought local donations from hardware stores and delivered a $1,800 grill donated by Home Depot. Christmas came early to a group of people who we too often take for granted.
  • Relationships started and ministry will continue. Numerous people have told me that they so much appreciate the organization they served that they are planning to volunteer there on a regular basis.
  • We discovered new ministries and organizations in our area. God is doing so many wonderful things in our area and sometimes we only see what is in our little world. No Selfie Saturday allowed us to see that we are all connected in a bigger way. Our city needs these organizations and they need our church. We, as Christ’s representatives in the world, are encouraged, equipped and empowered to connect with the organizations where God can most effectively use our passions and skills.  

Stats at a Glance:

  • 360 people volunteered, including collection projects
  • 31 projects (26 organizations served)
  • Approximately $2,600 in store donations, including breakfast
  • $3,400 or more in collections donated by members
  • Approximately 870 human hours at $22.14 an hour = $19,261.80 worth of volunteer time given

Please don’t wait for next year’s No Selfie Saturday to do something for someone else. The stats above are impressive, but my hope is that we as Christ’s body blow the above numbers out of the water by the way we live our daily lives.

I recently spoke with a mother who incorporates serving into her family’s rhythm of life. When her children were preschoolers, she used to take them to a local nursing home and simply visit with the residents. Now that her kids are a little older, they do local service projects often. She exposes them to needs of the world and then shows them how they can be God’s hands and feet. The other day, her kids invited friends over and they assembled necessity packs for homeless people.

Through her leadership and example, her kids are learning that God has encouraged, equipped and empowered them.

All in all, my prayer for this past series was that you take forward steps in thinking about the needs in this world and serving in some way or another. Each day, God calls us into relationship with those who are hurting, poor and outcast. May God open your eyes and hearts to see the needs in our world, to enter into new relationships and to be the presence of Christ for those to whom love is a stranger.  

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