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Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service for Your Loved One or Yourself

A note from Rev. Doug Meyer about grief in death and dying and resources to make arrangements after loss:

Where do I to turn and what do I do when my  loved one dies?

We frequently get calls that go something like this…

"My mom just died and I have no idea what to do to plan her service."

"My brother is dying and wants to talk about his memorial service. Help!"

"My dad never went to church. Do we have to have his service at the church? Are there rules about this sort of thing?"

Do any of these situations sound familiar? If so, perhaps this new resource "Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service for Your Loved One or Yourself" will be helpful to you.

We know the loss of a loved one can be one of the most challenging seasons of our lives. In some cases we have weeks or months to prepare, frequently the loss is sudden and plans have to be made in the midst of heart ache and chaos. In an effort to ease the pain a bit our Congregational Care Ministry has put together a funeral planning resource booklet we hope you will find helpful.

The booklet contains resources that can apply in any setting : an outline for planning a service, a guide to help making your own service wishes known, as well as Hymn and Scripture suggestions.

Some of the information is unique to Trietsch and covers step by step details on planning a service at Trietsch. 

If this booklet sparks any questions you may have please feel free to reach out to Jeanette Tumino at or myself at

Download Booklet

Paper copies are available at the church Information Center.

Sample Content

What type of service do you want to have?

  • A funeral service at the church or funeral home, followed by the burial
  • A graveside service followed by a service at the church
  • A graveside service only
  • A memorial service (in which the body is not present)

Where will the service be held?

  • At Trietsch?
  • At a funeral home/cemetery?

What time and day of the week?

  • We request that services held at Trietsch occur at 11 am or 2 pm.
  • Services held on Saturday should be in the morning due to the time required to prepare the building for Sunday worship.
  • Services are not held on Sundays.

Will there be a cost?
There is no fee for the use of the building for Trietsch members. Other possible charges and honorariums are outlined on the service checklist.

Will I be responsible for providing a service program?
If desired our Communications department will create a printed bulletin for the service.

Can we show a video at the service?
Many families choose to create a video remembrance to show during the service or prior to the service. The composition of the video is the responsibility of the family and must be formatted in a way compatible with the church’s A/V software. These details are explained in the service checklist.

Can there be a reception following the service?
A cookie and punch reception may be held in the Connection Center following the service provided by the Good Samaritan Ministry.


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