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Our Support Sends Kids to School

"Thanks to you, these children in Chicuque, Mozambique are able to attend school this year!” 

— Jackie Watkins, lay leader of Trietsch’s Mozambique Missions 

 The photo above shows most of the Mozambique scholarship students for 2015. Classes started Feb. 9 for the new year. Trietsch’s group effort to change these precious young lives was truly impactful. In addition to these 17 students, we also have four students studying at Africa University. 

The Mozambique Mission Team is starting the process for university student scholarships now. Five of our scholarship students graduated from the 12th grade in December 2014. Of these graduates, we will have at least one more student going to Africa University and possibly a few going to an in-country university. AU is approximately $8000 per year and in country university are approximately $1000 per year. 

The team believes an Africa University degree is far more valuable to an employer than an in-country degree, but recognizes an in-country degree is better than no degree at all. And we simply do not have resources to send all students to AU. Please keep the students in your continued prayers. They are: Vanessa, Valter & Neiva in 8th grade; Edineusia & Carlos in 9th grade; Glen, Ana, Salvador and Alan in 10th grade; Cleida & Rabelca in 11th grade; and Harate, Esperanca, Olga, Edipo, Anita (not pictured) and Mussa in 12th grade. 

Contact Jackie Watkins to get involved in Mozambique Missions.

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