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Messages & Symbols in Revelation

Do you want to read the book of Revelation, but not sure where to start? Rev. Daniel Humbert compiled a list of symbols, messages, and the meaning behind each to help you get started. Looking for even more information? CLICK HERE to read about the different interpretations of the book of Revelation.

Symbols & Meanings:

  • Lamb = Jesus
  • Throne Room = God’s House; Temple
  • Seals = announcing new age or period of reign
  • Trumpets = all things new proclaimed
  • Sodom = Jerusalem (11:8)
  • Ch. 12: woman (Israel); child (Jesus); dragon (Satan)
  • Beast = antichrist (emperor or empire)
  • Great beast (leopard, bear, lion, etc.) = Roman Empire (13:1-2)
  • 2 Beasts = beast of the sea (empire); beast from earth (emperor) (13)
  • “full of blasphemous names” = divine titles given to Roman emperors (13:1; 17:3)
  • Armageddon = hill of Megiddo in Palestine place of final victory (16:16)
  • Great whore = Rome
  • Scarlet beast = Roman Empire (17:3)
  • Babylon = Rome (18:2)


1 = God, holy

3 = heaven & Trinity

4 = earth, four corners, four winds

6 = human, incomplete, evil

7 = perfect, complete, holy, divine (combo of heaven [3] & earth [4])
(7 churches, candles, seals, bowls, trumpets)

12 = tribes of Israel, disciples of Jesus

24 = 2 x 12 all the tribes of Israel plus all the disciples of Jesus

666 = ultimate evil (evil, evil, evil); used to describe emperor Domitian (or Nero)

Apocalyptic Literature Characteristics:

  1. Cosmic struggle between good and evil
  2. Emphasis on eschatology (end times); usually end of period as we know it
  3. Highly symbolic and imagery driven in order to obscure message
  4. Usually pessimistic about current world order
  5. Designed to offer confidence, security and hope—God is in control

Message to churches:

  1. Burn again with passion for evangelism and faithfulness
  2. Trouble is coming! Follow and remain faithful to God
  3. Rome will fall—persevere with hope
  4. Evil will ultimately be destroyed
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 10:41 AM
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