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Love the MAD Kids

Ted Hyde didn't expect to build such strong relationships with the kids from MAD Camp. Read his story and click here to learn more about it!

Unless they belong to me, kids are not really my thing. That is until I attended MAD for Jesus camp last year. I have no idea what led me to volunteer . . . (Oh, I know, I'll blame it on the Holy Spirit). 

When I signed up, I was told all I had to do was show up about 9:30 am and lead a group of kids from one activity station to the next. That sounded pretty simple. I even brought a book to read in between sessions.

Everything changed for me when the bus from Wesley-Rankin showed up at Trietsch. These kids were awesome, well-mannered children of God with bright shining faces. They were excited to be there and our volunteers were excited to host them. 

Forget the book I brought. It never opened. I was too busy associating names with faces and participating in the activities I initially thought was just child's play. One of the activities was referred to as "drama." Can you believe the kids asked me to join in?

I got so caught up in the activity I even participated in the line dance routine. Guess I'll never live that one down. But who cares? The kids had fun and so did I.

This year MAD for Jesus Camp is June 26-29!!! Same time as last year, 10 am -2 pm (which really means about 9:30 – 2:30). I hope you will join me as we LOVE THE KIDS through participation and relationship building. I promise, if you come and participate, you'll have a great time while making a difference in the lives of little ones!

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Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 1:50 PM
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