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Jesus as Lord

Rev. Karen Chraska shares what it means to her when she says, "Jesus is Lord."

In G.F. Handel’s oratorio “Messiah” my favorite and the most thrilling part from the Hallelujah Chorus is when the chorus sings, “King of King and Lord of Lords!” It gives me goose bumps every time. I believe these words, taken directly from Revelation 19:16, are true. In Confirmation classes I have taught students that Jesus is Lord. In seminary I had to write about Jesus as Lord and why Jesus is MY Lord. I can’t find that paper now or this blog would already be written (Ha Ha!)  Seriously, after these many years in ministry I hope I now have a deeper understanding than I did then about the Lordship of Jesus.

In the book of Genesis 15: 7 God says to Abram, “I am the Lord…”  Throughout scripture God the Father and Jesus the Son are identified as Lord. In Hebrew the word LORD is YHWH. This is considered plural and is the name of God. I do not read Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic but it is fascinating to study the differences in meanings for the word “Lord” discovering different words, spellings (vowels or no vowels), tenses, and capitalizations. The translations are fascinating. 

A current definition of the word “Lord” is a person who has authority, control, or power over others: a master, chief, or ruler. I think of someone with power lording something over someone else.  I think of the British Monarchs who are born into or marry into power and authority. I don’t relate much to Jesus in these ways. 

Being a Jesus follower is more about relationship than rules. Because I have a relationship with Jesus, I try to understand the “rules” or expectations of a Jesus follower. I submit my life to Jesus willingly not under duress. I have a choice to obey and surrender or not.

I have many things in my day-to-day life that vie for my attention and priority. As a Jesus follower, I trust that my master, chief, or ruler loves me most and loves me best. I believe that by submitting myself to Jesus as my Lord, I have a guardian and guide.  Jesus and I move through this life together. I am grateful for a friend, a teacher, a comforter, and a model. 

I firmly believe that we were not created to be Lord of our own lives. Mortal humans aren’t meant to be worshipped. I think it’s why so many people who gain fame and fortune struggle and turn to dangerous and unhealthy behaviors. We just weren’t created to be Gods. We were created to love and worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Since Jesus is God who took on human form, it is easiest to me to relate to Jesus.

I can’t imagine my life without not knowing, worshipping, trusting, or following Jesus. I would consider myself a boat without a rudder. I am always happy to share my faith story with anyone who wants to listen or listen to anyone else’s faith story who wants to share.

Check out a message from Rev. Daniel Humbert on Jesus as Lord:

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