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I Made a Friend

David Taylor shares his experience from serving at MAD Camp.

I made a friend last week. His name is Caleb. Caleb is a bright intelligent young man from West Dallas who is going into the sixth grade. Caleb's family struggles to make ends-meet but he knows his mom and dad love him. Caleb is also worried about family he has along the border. He worries for their safety.

I am an old white guy, born in the fifties, and live in South Denton County. Being in Flower Mound and almost fifty years older than Caleb, the chances of us meeting, much less becoming friends, are slim, but we did.

Through the miracle of MAD Camp, I met Caleb and we became great friends. Caleb, being part of Wesley-Rankin Community Center, attended four days of MAD Camp this week at Trietsch and explored Graphic Design by Mark Fallis, Photography by Sharon White, Voice-Over Acting by Taryn Cain, Meditation by Shanna Freer, and he even learned to play the Banjo from Dr. Danny Corbitt and Jim Gerber. I was the Shepherd for his group and got to know Caleb pretty well.

MAD Camp has been a ministry here at Trietsch for nine years and has grown every year. Now we host over 170 1st - 8th graders for four days. We introduce them to a variety of experiences revolving around Music Arts and Drama, with an additional 20 High School students for two days serving our community in mission.

In Graphic Design, Caleb helped create a logo for a fictional company called Einstein Flip Flops. He was involved with the whole process from conception to creation of the logo. We were able to get the logo he helped create printed for him and also get it on a t-shirt, which he proudly wore on the last day of MAD Camp.

He also throws a pretty fast water balloon.

I have no idea where life will take Caleb. I will be praying for him and his family. He certainly has some challenges ahead. I don't have all of the answers to fix the problems we face on our border, but I do know I made a friend this week, his name is Caleb and I am looking forward to next year at MAD Camp when we can play again.


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