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I Like Storms

David Taylor sees the connection between storms and growth. Read his Life Group story and come this Sunday to join a group.

Growing up in Haltom City I saw a few storms. My Dad got me hooked on watching thunder storms and I've passed it on to my children. I love to sit outside and watch a big old thunderstorm come rolling in. The lightning flashing across the sky, the thunder shacking the windows, it's thrilling and exciting. I like storms. I see God in storms. The power and force of the storm reminds me of how small and vulnerable I am and how big God is. The crashing of the thunder and the flash of the lightning scares me. I see God's majesty and power in the storms. My Dad taught me how to time the flash of the lightning and the clap of the thunder in order to track the storm. I can tell if it's moving closer or going away. I like the smell of rain in the air as a storm moves in. I like storms because I see God in storms.

I don't like everything about storms. The favorite oak tree may not be in the yard after a storm. The trampoline may be gone and the yard furniture may be in the pool. The fence may be down or the roof may need to be replaced. Some storms bring death and destruction in their path and I certainly don't like that. One thing is for sure; things are different after a storm.

Sometimes life throws us storms. In my Life Group we have someone caring for a very ill spouse, suffering from an illness which has no cure. We have someone dealing with the death of a spouse after 52 years of marriage and trying to find their way through the grief. We have a couple of Alcoholics dealing with their addiction one day at a time. We have someone stepping into lay ministry by organizing community discussions around Racial Reconciliation. We have someone organizing a major summer activity for under-privileged kids in south Dallas and the stress of schedules and deadlines. Storms are all around us, but I see God. I see God as one shares that their prayer life is improving a little because they are thinking about encountering God every day. I see God as one shares the blessing of having a church family walk along side of them as they grief. I see God as the group encourages one to remain strong and ask for help as they deal with a suffering spouse. I see God as the group encourages each other to persevere through life’s storms.

Life's storms are not enjoyable but some of my greatest spiritual growth has been the result of a life storm. Death of loved ones, divorce, relocations, loss of jobs. It's difficult to say I like life's storms but I do see God in the storm and I like that. I know that some of life's storms leave death and destruction in their wake, I know that life's storms change things, but God is with us to walk through the valley as we grief the future that will never be and learn to find our new normal. Are you in a Life Group? I encourage you to try Life Groups if you're not in one. Sign up on May 7.

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