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Lord, Please Heal Our Wounds

Rev. Clay Horton turns to God for healing in the wake of a week of devastation: 

We come from a variety of backgrounds and are feeling a variety of emotions. We come in mourning with a loss of words. We come feeling scared, sad, angry, frustrated, lost and overwhelmed. Many of us have wept numerous times over the past several days. Perhaps words can't describe how we feel, but we know we need something. And so we turn to God in prayer.

Our Korean brothers and sisters use a specific word for sin, and they call it hanHan means, "wound." As I look at all of the events that have transpired over the past several days, I keep thinking about this wound. When we sin, we wound. We sin because we've been wounded. We live in a hurting and broken world. Wounds are all around us and seem to keep spreading. The triggers that were pulled didn't just cause physical wounds, but they caused deep emotional wounds that have rippled across our souls and our country. 

The wound Dallas experienced last night will stick with us for years to come and especially with the families of the murdered police officers. The person who pulled the trigger last night gave wounds because at some point he himself was wounded. Wounded people create more wounded people. 

As we gather today in grief across the nation, we acknowledge that we feel the fullness of this sin, the fullness of this wound. We feel the deep and heavy reality that we ourselves are wounded people living in a wounded world. We cry out for mercy today. We cry out for healing today. We feel our wounds today, but cry out to the God who heals those wounds. May God hear our prayers.

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