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Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

As Rev. Doug Meyer looks to the Christmas future, he hopes it will involve unplugging from the craziness of the Christmas present. Read his thoughts and join us for worship. Learn more at TMUMC.ORG/christmas.

As I consider "Christmas Yet To Come" I am intrigued with the idea of unplugging as much as I can from the Christmas craziness.

I imagine that by so doing I would capture what I believe to be at the heart of Christmas – loving and serving others. Some accuse me of being a Scrooge, but I think the massive emphasis on gift-buying and giving is what, in part, has distracted from the heart of Christmas. I am going to begin to promote this idea amongst my family members – I will report back on how it is received.

Below you will find some clever ideas on how you can unplug the Christmas crazy making!

Giving More by Giving Less,

(From an article by Debra Fieguth in Faith Today, Nov/Dec 2004.)

It takes only a bit of creative thinking to come up with alternatives to excessive consumerism. Some ideas:

  • One family does a "make or bake" among siblings, exchanging names and producing one homemade gift each.
  • Sponsor a child overseas or provide a goat or chickens for a micro-enterprise as a means of teaching children to reach out to others.
  • Help out at a soup kitchen or deliver Christmas gift baskets together.
  • Time is often a bigger gift than money. Create coupons that offer free babysitting or housecleaning, a neck massage, or a special treat.
  • Offer to teach someone a skill you have.
  • Write a poem, tell a story, draw a picture or take a photograph and present it in a creative way.
  • Make your own cards from recycled paper.


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