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Common Love

Uth Kwior leaders Callie Bailey and Kaeli Alpha share how they make sure everyone has a place to belong, even if the person doesn't sing. Join us this Sunday for "You Belong." Learn more at TMUMC.ORG/worship.

In youth choir, not everyone is the same age, not everyone goes to the same school, not everyone is even passionate about singing, but what we do have in common is a love for experiencing God through music. That's our mission: to connect with God and spread his love by singing loudly, serving boldly, and living humbly.

One of the ways we share this love is by visiting places such as Denton State School and Salvation Army. The first thing we usually do when we arrive is sing in their church services, and it really warms our hearts to see the audience clapping and cheering along with us, everyone feeling our love for God. One elderly woman even commented after our performance that we had "restored [her] faith in young people" due to the passion for God and service she saw in us as we sang. At Salvation Army when we finish performing in their service we get to serve lunch to a variety of people, ranging from the homeless to recovering addicts residing at the center, whereas at Denton State School we spend more time forging personal relationships with the residents by talking about their lives and just being present to show that we care about them.

In the end, no matter what type of service we're participating in, it's our mutual love for music and desire to share God with others through song that brings us together as one big youth choir family. That's probably the next best thing about youth choir - the relationships we are able to form that make up our church family. It's important as young people who are still trying to discover ourselves and our faith to have a solid support group where we can be ourselves and be surrounded by people who share our beliefs. It's through these relationships that we are able to achieve the ultimate goal of growing in our own relationships with God. Because we form these strong new bonds within youth choir, we are also better able to fulfill our mission through serving God, singing his praise, and building connections out in the community.

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