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A Lesson I Learned at MAD Camp

Pastor Doug Meyer shares the impact MAD Camp had on him personally:

Everywhere you look or listen, people are talking about taking a break, going on vacation, heading to the lake, or going off to camp. I don't know about you, but somehow that kicks me into chill out mode. I want to sleep later, eat more, become a bit lazier - you get the picture. For the most part that works because many of the folks I know are in the same state of mind!

Then along comes a wave of unstoppable energy – in the form of 200 kids from the Wesley-Rankin Community Center! The energy is on high from the minute the buses roll up in front of the church.

The kids bounce off the bus with an excitement and anticipation that makes my lazy summer-self cringe. They are met with equal enthusiasm by a score of volunteers waving flags, beating drums, cheering, extending hugs, and offering high fives! The day goes by and they are sent back home with the same amount of energy from the volunteers – they go with hugs and affirmations, reminders that each of them is a beloved child of God.

I witness this and on the way back to my office I give myself a kick in the bottom! I recall with conviction the Scripture; 2 Thessalonians 3:13, "Dear friends, you must never become tired of doing right."

I feel guilty that sometimes I do tire – I tire of thinking about what is the next right thing I need to be about.

I want to be lazy, eat ice cream, take naps and think only of my needs. I want to look away when I see a thirsty guy at an intersection, or be unavailable the times I need to be a better listener or walk alongside a struggling friend.

And again I hear in my head…never tire of doing good!

I hope you will join me in transforming our lazy summer-selves in to those who embrace the text from Thessalonians text – lets never tire of doing good!

Thanks to over 100 volunteers for making MAD Camp happen and a special thanks to Pam Taylor for being our fearless leader!

Impact of MAD Camp


















Total Number of Meals Served: 1020

Total Number of Snacks Served: 445


ACTIVITIES (3 Distinct Programs: Elem, Middle School, High School)

Elementary Activities included:  Music, Art, Drama, Outdoor/Water Play, Dance

Middle School Activities included (26 different activities)

  1. Banjo & Mandolin
  2. Basketball
  3. Beat Box
  4. Bee Keeping
  5. Camper Photographer
  6. Cheerleading
  7. Cupcake decorating
  8. Dance2Fit
  9. Drum Circle
  10. Game Day
  11. Graphic Design
  12. Keyboards
  13. Macramé keychains
  14. Media
  15. Mindfulness
  16. Mosaic
  17. Movie
  18. Pickle Ball
  19. Science Fun
  20. Sewing
  21. Sign Language
  22. Soccer
  23. Voice Over
  24. Water Color
  25. Yoga Warriors
  26. Zumba

High School Activities included: Soccer, Gaga ball, Winning The Fight Presentation

  1. Denton County Friends of the Family Thrift Store – donation sorting and organization for their store
  2. Denton State School – help set up for their fundraising event tomorrow night
  3. Humane Tomorrow at TMUMC- education and project for animals in foster care


Flower Mound Fire Department

Lewisville High School Cheerleaders

Marcus Marquettes

Flower Mound Rosettes

Comments overheard from the kids/staff

  • “This is my favorite week of the year. I was afraid this camp was going to be next week.  My birthday is this week, and there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather spend my birthday”
  • “I love it here, everyone is so nice, they aren’t like this at my school”
  • “I feel safe here”
  • “I really like it here, I wish this was closer, I’d ask my mom if we could come to church here”
  • “This is my favorite week of summer”
  • “I remember you from last year”
  • “The people at my school don’t like me because of my color, but you like me and are nice to me”
  • “Does your family like you, because I don’t think my family likes me – but I really like being here, You all seem to like me”
  • “I want a sewing machine now”
  • Mom to WR Staff:  "He's so happy! He came home yesterday asking for a banjo"
  • Several were crying as they left Thursday “I don’t want to leave this place”
  • From High school freshman – “I love coming here, but I’m sad that I only get to come 2 days instead of all 4”
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