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40 Reasons to Fast

40 Spiritual Reasons to Fast

  1. Jesus placed a fast upon all of us. (Matt. 9:15) We are to fast to carry on the works for the kingdom that Jesus started.
  2. Fasting was an integrated part of the life of Christ (Matt. 4:1,-2; John 6:27) and He urged us to follow Him (Luke 9:23).
  3. Jesus taught fasting as one of the foundations of the faith: giving, praying, and fasting. (Matt. 6)
  4. Paul fasted frequently (II Cor. 11:27) and instructed us to do the same (II Cor. 6:5).
  5. Followers in the early church fasted regularly (Acts 13: 2-3 and 14:23). We, therefore, are not to do less.
  6. Fasting enables us to become a conductor of spiritual power for blessing others or ourselves.
  7. Sincere fasting will positively break the yokes of sin, sickness, and spiritual oppression (Isaiah 58:6).
  8. Fasting becomes prayer (Ps. 35:13)
  9. Fasting intensifies the power of prayer many times so that even short prayers bring results.
  10. Fasting reaches and obtains what prayer alone cannot, because it removes unbelief (Matt. 17:20-21).
  11. Fasting brings one into direct contact with unbelief, so that it can be removed.
  12. Fasting can produce faith (Romans10:9-10).
  13. Fasting is closely related to faith, because it is a strong gateway to trust in God.
  14. Fasting will bring about word-faith power (Luke 4:2, 32, 36). Jesus’ "word" was not "with power" until after His fast.
  15. Fasting will help overcome temptations of many kinds.
  16. Fasting helps us overcome old addictions or unhealthy behaviors (Col. 3:5).
  17. Fasting pleases the Spirit. The flesh and the Spirit are at enmity with each other.
  18. Fasting can bring spiritual revival, starting in our individual hearts then moving into community.
  19. Fasting enables one to transcend the natural and take us into spiritual communion with Christ.
  20. Fasting and prayer bring us nearer to Christ.
  21. Fasting can enable the many who may be unknowingly bound to "habit hunger" or food addiction to overcome.
  22. Fasting brings us into closer communion with the created order through greater appreciation.
  23. Fasting can help us overcome unnatural desires associated with lusts of any appetite gratification.
  24. Fasting can be a form of repentance and sacrifice for Christ.
  25. Fasting enables us to become or remain more obedient to Christ’s love and justice.
  26. Fasting helps me to be a better steward of all God’s resources.
  27. Fasting allows me to love myself more so that I may love my neighbor more.
  28. Fasting will change a life of defeat into one of victory and will bring healing and new life to both body and soul.
  29. Fasting helps us to become more consecrated to God and sanctified for Christ.
  30. Fasting develops the fruit of the Spirit (particularly self-control) and enables one to grow more spiritually mature.
  31. Fasting will help one to better discern and use one’s spiritual gifts.
  32. Fasting in community brings me closer into relationship with others so that I can live God’s love more richly.
  33. Fasting helps us to better identify with and therefore to help the suffering and the poor.
  34. Fasting makes everything taste better because I now appreciate it more as a gift from God.
  35. Fasting and prayer help intensify discernment, wisdom and understanding for making good spiritual decisions.
  36. Fasting and prayer can help us discern our calling for ministry more clearly.
  37. Fasting enlarges our capacity for God and God’s ways.
  38. Fasting gives me greater compassion for those who go without food out of necessity rather than choice.
  39. Fasting directs my attention more on God, therefore I can listen more to what God desires.
  40. Fasting frees us from ourselves and claims us for Christ.
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 11:16 AM
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