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To contact any staff member, click on their email or call the church office at 972-539-8547. The extensions are listed next to their picture. Some staff do not have an extension, and they are listed as ext. 200, which is the main desk. We love to serve, so please let us know if there is anything you need.

We are blessed to have an amazing staff that lives into our mission statement by leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. If you feel called to a career in ministry, please CLICK HERE to check for job openings.

Governance Committees

Elected leaders fulfill vital governance roles for Trietsch. These committees are composed of a diverse group of Christ-followers who seek to foster a vibrant, healthy, ethical and sustainable church that strives toward its purpose of “Leading People into a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ.” To view a list of current committee members for the Trietsch Leadership Roster for our Leadership Board, Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), Finance Committee, Trustees Board and Nominations Committee, click the button below. 

Leadership Roster→

If you have any questions for our lay leadership or want to learn more, reach out to


Rev. Daniel Humbert Senior Pastor Ext. 210
Rev. Doug Meyer Associate Pastor of Caring Ministries Ext. 242
Rev. Karen Chraska Associate Pastor of Worship Arts Ext. 211
Rev. Gracie Millard Associate Pastor of Serving Ministries Ext. 302
Rev. Don Kirsch Senior Adult Ministry Coordinator Ext. 200

Children's Ministry

Julie Hawkins Director of Children and Family Ministry Ext. 216
Rebecca Lessly Faith Voyage Coordinator Ext. 230
Stephanie Pippett Preschool & Childcare Coordinator Ext. 268
Van Nguyen Special Needs Ministry Coordinator Ext. 200
Trisha McWilliams TEC Preschool Director Ext. 214
Julie Hardin Assist. Director of TEC Preschool Ext. 215

Youth Ministry

Steve Garrison Director of Youth Ministry Ext. 250
Amanda Evans Youth Choir (Uth Kwior) Director Ext. 200

Adult Ministry

Denise Robinson Director of Adult Discipleship & Connections Ext. 220
Rev. Don Kirsch Senior Adult Ministry Coordinator Ext. 200
Laura Sennott Hospitality Coordinator Ext. 204
Van Nguyen Special Needs Ministry Coordinator Ext. 200

Sports & Fitness Ministry

Dayne Flock Director of Sports Ministry Ext. 207 or 500
Rebekah Hardin Sports Ministry Assistant Ext. 500
Angela Luhman Sports Ministry Assistant Ext. 500

Worship Arts

Rev. Karen Chraska Associate Pastor of Worship Arts Ext. 211
Josh Brown Contemporary Worship Leader Ext. 200
Arturo Ortega Orchestra Director Ext. 200
Shari Mayes Principal Pianist & Organist Ext. 200


Becky Hornback Director of Finance & Operations Ext. 245
Lisa Gates Finance & Payroll Administrator Ext. 209
Lauren Pliler Operations Coordinator Ext. 203
Kristy Jordan Information Technology Coordinator Ext. 201
José Gutierrez Facilities Director Ext. 263
Andres Perez Asst. Building Maintenance Ext. 200
Carleen Alderman Assistant to the Senior Pastor Ext. 228
Jeanette Tumino Administrative Assistant Ext. 208
Linda Steiner Administrative Assistant Ext. 218

Communication & Media

Tammy Hise Communication Director Ext. 206
Alyssa Robinson Digital Strategist Ext. 248
Amy Parsons Worship & Media Director Ext. 269
Prithvi Raj Karreddula Video Technical Analyst Ext. 200
Aaron Willis Audio Engineer Ext. 200
Sharon White Digital Assistant Ext. 200
Christian Dieterich Media Technician Ext. 200

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