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What is Revival?

Revival is an investment campaign to help Trietsch revive our building, campus, facilities, and ministries, in order to continue serving our surrounding community. We recently celebrated 40 amazing years of ministry. As we celebrate the past, we also look toward the future so that Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church can lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ for generations to come.

It’s time to REVIVE our facilities so this legacy will prevail. Facilities are an essential tool to reach new and more people. And like any good instrument, they should be well prepared, well equipped, and ready to allow guests to experience community, connection, and Christ.

Check out our Revival Campaign Brochure to learn more about our goals, meet the Revival leadership team, and read through some exciting concepts around future building usage.

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Oh, revive us! Then your people can rejoice in you again.

- Psalm 85:6

How did we get here?

In 2016, we purposefully postponed needful building regeneration to reduce burdensome debt. Since our highly successful Unshackled campaign, we have reduced our debt from $8.1M to $3.7M. We are now ready to REVIVE our facilities without incurring any additional debt.

For the last 18 months, your elected leaders have been in a discovery phase, working with industry professionals that enabled us to realize that our campus is experiencing a heavy burden of unmet deferred maintenance and an underutilized facility (under 50% used). After searching many options, the consultants recommended, the leadership agreed, and the church voted overwhelmingly to sell the Family Life Center and enter into an investment campaign in order to repair, reconfigure, and enhance the entire campus.

Click the below button to learn more about what led to this decision.

What is our goal?

In order to fulfill this grand vision, we will sell the FLC and raise at least $2.4M in 3-year contributions. The cost estimate for the entire regeneration of our campus is $11.6M. We can achieve this vision for the future with your help and commitment. Any investments beyond building needs will pay down current debt. You can help us REVIVE our campus and use it as an instrument to reach a new generation for Christ. A new generation creates new life and offers hope. A new generation perpetuates the vision God laid on our hearts years ago. Together we can REVIVE what was birthed four decades ago through those early Trietsch pioneers. A new generation will enable the legacy to continue as an everlasting legacy for God’s Kingdom in this region. The time is now.

Explore some of the ways we plan to reconfigure our campus below with estimates.


Through your generosity we will...

In order to ensure all needs and building issues are addressed, the Trietsch Building Committee (TBC) made up of church members from specialized fields and interests and they will report to the Trustees. The TBC will work closely with our staff and leadership to determine our wants and needs. Once the construction management firm and architect are selected, they will finalize designs for planned work and determine “what” and “how” we will accomplish our objectives, ensuring we will not incur any additional debt.

Renovate our Ministry Center into a beautiful and functional multi-use space with a modernized industrial kitchen that can be used for dining & large gatherings, fitness & sports ministry, youth events, and worship. While it will not be a full court gym, it will be able to be used for some sporting events.

ESTIMATED COST: $2,800,000

Create a dedicated youth ministry area that will offer new and engaging innovative space for youth to discover, explore, and have fun together as they grow in a relationship with Christ and one another.


Remodel and enhance our children’s area to become state-of-the-art for all children and family ministry, including our Trietsch Enrichment Center (TEC). This will involve security features as well as high tech and high touch venues with engaging discovery areas.


Expand and enliven our gathering space so our entryways and Connection Center will be the central hub of welcoming and gathering people together to discover intimate relationships and connection with one another. It will become more open, engaging, and inviting.


Reimagine our worship space so that we can discover more intimacy and connection as we celebrate the richness of God’s desire to be in relationship with us and experience the fullness of God’s presence among us.

ESTIMATED COST: $1,100,000

Reconfigure our adult discipleship space to meet the needs of modern adult education with greater technology and engaging space as well as create more homey settings for Life Group and other informal small group gatherings.


Design new sporting fields to provide new spaces for our sports ministry to continue to help new and more people grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Consolidate administrative offices to allow for a more efficient and effective use of our paid ministry team’s officing needs.


Provide for deferred maintenance needs that have been long delayed. We cannot continue to allow over $5M in deferred maintenance to outweigh and burden our ongoing ministry needs. We must correct these large issues to free us for greater ministry outreach for the future.

ESTIMATED COST: $4,300,000

Pay down existing debt as we anticipate that our collective generosity will exceed the funding needs of the other nine priorities described on this page. All proceeds donated above and beyond those needs will be allocated to further reduce our existing debt.


Who is leading us?

Revival Campaign Leadership Team

Please pray for our leadership team as they also pray for our church.

Building Committee

  • Neil Phillips
    Chair, PHD in Communications, Certified Executive Coach, business owner, 8+ year member
  • Matt Hedding
    Healthcare Management, member of Trustees, 22+ year member
  • Mark Kawalak
    Civil Engineer, Owns Civil Engineering firm, former Trustees member, 20+ year member
  • Stuart Matthews
    Professional Engineer in Construction & Project Management, 6+ year member
  • Laura Nelson
    Former Leaderboard Chair, teacher, has child in youth, 8+ year member
  • Liz Patrick
    MBA, BS Management, former VP at Service Nation, 18+ year member
  • Patrick Ruland
    Architect, owns firm, has children in Youth & Children’s ministry, 1+ year member
  • Pam Taylor
    Chair of Trustees, Mad Camp Director, 25+ year member
  • Meredith Turnbow
    Meeting, Convention & Event Planning, Trietsch VBS Director Team for 11 years, 24+ year member
  • Lisa Whisenhunt
    Certified Architect, 19+ year member
  • Bruce White
    Electrical Engineer, 6+ year member
  • Daniel Humbert
    Senior Pastor

How can I help?

The only way we're going to achieve our goals is by depending on God for guidance. We ask you to join us in prayer, worship, and scripture reading throughout our Revival investment campaign to discern how God is calling you to contribute.

The Church is in the midst of revival, and the future is bright. Come celebrate Revival in April and May during worship on these important dates.

April 23 | Gratitude Sunday
Consider your gratitude to God as we reflect on the ways that God has impacted our lives for the better through our church community.

April 30 | Ministry Sunday
Celebrate the life-changing ministries of our church and the inspiring pictures and stories of how individuals and families have been blessed by God through these ministries.

May 7 - May 14 | Commitment Days
During this 8-day period, commitment cards and online commitments will be received as we offer, as an act of worship, the response that God has led each of us to make.

May 21 | Announcement Sunday
We will celebrate the faithfulness of God and the collective generosity of our church family as we announce the grand total of three-year commitments received.

May 21 - June 11 | First Fruits Offering Season
During May and June, we will offer our First Fruit Offerings, as all will be invited to make a first-portion gift of their three-year commitment. This will be the official start of the three-year contribution period. Through this special offering period, it is common for churches to receive 10-20% (or even more) of the total amount committed.

Revival Worship Series→

We ask you to join us in prayer throughout our Revival campaign by asking, "God, what do You want to do through me?"

Incorporate this prayer into your daily time with God and listen to the ways God is asking you to act through service or generosity. To help you remember this prayer, we've created window clings that you can place on your laptop, car, mirror, or window. Let this be a reminder that God is guiding this church into the future.

You can pick up a window cling on Sundays outside the Sanctuary. 


Don't forget to pray for our Leadership Team and Building Committee.

Join us in a 21-day devotional reading plan, starting April 16, to prepare our hearts for generosity and ask God for guidance in our giving.

Download Devotion Guide→

The concept of “everyone contributes an equal share” giving has never existed at our church. Instead, we believe that the sacrifice should be equal. This ensures that there is a role in this capital funding campaign for every member of the church. Everyone’s sacrifice is important if we are to be successful. Your financial involvement is a decision between you and God as an act of worship. You will never be pressured, nor told what you should give. However, we ask that you pray to discern God’s will for your participation in the campaign.

Explore some creative giving strategies that could help you and your family contribute beyond monetary gifts, including: stocks, bonds, collectibles, personal property, etc.

Download Brochure→

Use this wallpaper as the background on your phone as a daily reminder to pray, "God, what do You want to do through me?"

Pray With Us

Helpful FAQs

Commonly asked questions and answers regarding the Revival investment campaign.

Trietsch celebrated 40 years of ministry in March. In that time, we have reached thousands of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we envision reaching thousands more. Our clear vision calls us to envision a community where people matter, brokenness is healed, and love is lived. This vision is our desired outcome of our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our building and grounds are critical tools for achieving our mission and vision. Our facility needs to be well taken care of and prepared for the next generation. The reconfiguration and regeneration of our facilities is a step on The Pathway to our Clear Vision.

Learn More→

In 40 years we have built quite a complex to achieve ministry. Some parts of our facility are almost 40 years old. The newest portion is now 11 years old. We have serious and expensive deferred maintenance that must be addressed and an underutilized facility. We must give attention to the regeneration and reconfiguration of our building and grounds to better prepare for the next generation of ministry.

The first 20 years of Trietsch saw meteoric growth and debt demanded by needed space for ministry. Over the last 20 years, we have built only one component of our facility (FLC) and incurred too much debt in doing so. For years we’ve needed to give attention to debt reduction rather than keeping the overall condition of our entire facility healthy. Good news: we have paid down $5 million in debt over these last few years. Bad news: we have an aging, deteriorating, and outdated facility that needs regeneration and reconfiguration for the next generation.

Your church leadership is committed to: 

Completing all deferred maintenance issues ($4.3 million estimated).

Reconfiguring the current main building to allow for dedicated ministry space for youth, children, adult, fitness, worship, gathering/welcome, and administration ($7.3 million estimated).

Incurring no additional or new debt to achieve this goal.

Our church leadership has done its due diligence to determine a Pathway to our Clear Vision. Over the last 18 months, your Trustees (property stewards) and Leadership Board have invested innumerable hours with outside consultants (Horizons, Building Solutions, and BBA Architects) to determine a path forward. The consultants offered data, experience, industry standards, expertise, educated opinion, and offered twelve different viable options for a pathway to our clear vision. The sale of the FLC was selected as the most feasible option to achieve our goal without incurring an additional debt. At a called church conference in January, the congregation voted overwhelmingly to sell the FLC and enter into an investment campaign.

The FLC property: FLC building, surrounding parking (everything south of the fence enclosed chiller units), lighted and irrigated fields, Veteran’s Memorial Plaza, and the surrounding wrought iron fence. Portions of this may be negotiated out of the sale. A potential leaseback agreement may be secured for the use of FLC for a designated period. 

The cost of deferred maintenance is $4.3 million. The projected cost of reconfiguration of the main campus is $7.3 million. Neither can be reached by raising capital through a generosity campaign. Your leadership is committed to incurring no additional debt. If we don’t sell the FLC, we do not have enough capital for deferred maintenance or facility reconfiguration. The sale of the FLC would also save additional revenue moving forward through cost elimination.

The twelve options can be broken down into four primary categories.

Option 1: Do nothing and allow the building to deteriorate. This option was unanimously rejected by leadership.

Option 2: Work only on the $5.5 million deferred maintenance. This option required additional debt or a generosity campaign larger than our church has ever done. It would provide no facility updating. This option was unanimously rejected by leadership.

Option 3: Relocate our church. Relocations requires selling the facility and a generosity campaign to raise funds to purchase land and build a new facility. The architect presented three different sized campuses. The smallest of which would be less than 50% of our current campus size and cost $40 million to build. This is an unfeasible option.

Option 4: Sell some portion of our campus (main or FLC) and reconfigure. The consultants costed out both options. Selling the main campus to expand the FLC to be more church-like was almost as expensive as a relocation and would require removing the playing fields. Selling the FLC to reconfigure the main campus had multiple options for reconfiguration. This option is the most financially feasible and is the one that was selected.

That depends on the structure of the split. The next General Conference will be held in 2024. At that time a vote could be taken to provide for an amicable separation, but we don’t know the legislation that will be passed. It is safe to say that any action by the UMC at-large will afford Trietsch, along with every local UMC, the opportunity to determine our own future. All of the scenarios currently being debated allow for an amicable exit from the denomination whether a congregation’s theology is more progressive or more traditional. Churches would be able to keep their property and assets after paying their fair share of pension responsibilities and any outstanding apportionments. 

We continue to do ministry and lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in the face of these concerns because God has placed us together on mission in our community. Tomorrow will have enough worries, so we are committed to being faithful to the boundless work of the Lord today.

Yes, of course we will feel some impact. However, architects have experience in “staging” work so that there is minimal disruption to ongoing activities and programs. In addition, we are blessed with alternate spaces for events to take place and groups to meet in the short term. Classes or gatherings may be temporarily displaced, but with some creativity, we can weather this transition easily. 

The approved proposal was to sell the FLC to provide for deferred maintenance and reconfigure the main building. The FLC is on the market and this marks the beginning of the Revival Investment Campaign. Revival will raise funds to cover the difference between the proceeds of sale and the cost of reconfiguration. Revival will also allow for any funds raised that are above actual cost to go toward debt reduction. No new or additional debt will be incurred. Once the FLC sells we will have an immediate cash infusion (approx. $9 million) to begin work toward reconfiguration and deferred maintenance. We will use proceeds from Revival to bridge the gap of total construction costs.

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