We want to help you discover the next steps of your faith journey. There is no perfect order or methodology to how you should grow your faith; your relationship with God is as unique to you as your DNA. The below steps are simply guidelines to help you think through all of the ways you could get started building a deeper connection and relationship with Jesus Christ. 

If you have any questions about growing in discipleship, contact Director of Discipleship Denise Robinson at deniser@tmumc.org.


Check Spiritual Health

Check in regularly on your spiritual health so you can continue to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.


Meet the Pastors

Get to know each of the pastors and join us for our next lunch with the pastor! Once a month we share a free meal so that you can get to know our pastors better.


Discover Spiritual Gifts

Learn how you are Gifted to Serve by discovering your spiritual gifts. We'll guide you through a survey to help you start the journey.


Get Baptized

Baptism is one of the first steps in your faith journey. It's the opportunity for you to claim that you are making the choice to live in the light of God or choosing to raise your child in God's love.


Become a Member

Learn about joining our community of faith, what you can expect from the church, and what the church expects from you.


Explore Methodism

Methodist theology and traditions allow for independent thought and understandings of God. Come learn about our roots and what we believe.


Read Your Bible

Regularly reading scripture is an important way to stay connected to God's will. Check out some tips and resources to help you get started. Reading your Bible doesn't have to be intimidating!


Learn To Pray

There isn't a right or wrong way to pray. We offer up some prayer practices for you to try as you seek a deeper connection with God.


Start Serving

After you discover your spiritual gifts, we want to help you serve in a way that fuels your passions and inspires you. Let us help you find your spot!


Start Giving

Giving is a spiritual practice. It's not about the money; it's about learning to have the generous heart of God. Your donations help serve God's kingdom.


Share Your Story

Sharing your faith journey is part of being in community and growing in relationship. Everyone has a story.


Join A Life Group

Grow in intimacy with God and others by meeting weekly to share your life.


Invite A Friend

Get tips on how to invite your friends to church with you. When we discover the good news of Christ's love, we've got to share it!

Download Our App

Download the TMUMC app to connect more deeply on Sunday mornings. Use the app to take worship notes, check the calendar, watch the latest sermons, give, read stories, and more.