Mozambique Missions

mozambique missions

Mozambique Missions

Since 1998, Trietsch has worked alongside communities in Mozambique to help empower them to become healthy and self-sustaining. We have built partnerships in Mozambique with the communities of Chicuque and Cambini. Our missionaries travel to these areas every other year to improve the community and provide health resources and education.

If you are interested in participating in a mission trip or donating materials, email Jackie Watkins for more information.


After elementary school, students in Mozambique must pay to continue their education through middle school, high school and college. Schooling can cost up to $8k per student, but the minimum wage salary is about $1,400 per year. For many families, this means that they must choose between living expenses and education.

Here's how you can support Mozambique students:

Educate Mozambique Students

  • Middle School = $450/ student
    • Cost for tuition, travel via bus or van, uniforms, school supplies and additional English classes daily from the Chicuque Library for an 8th to 10th grade student
  • High School = $800/ student
    • Cost for tuition, travel via bus or van, uniforms, school supplies and additional English classes daily from the Chicuque Library for an 11th to 12th grade student
  • College = $2,000/ student
    • Cost for local, in country University, tuition which includes round trip travel to the University, books and supplies, room and board.
  • Africa Univeristy = $8,000/ student
    • Cost for tuition to Africa University (a Methodist University in Mutare, Zimbabwe) which includes round trip travel, books and supplies, room and board.  Africa University is an English speaking university which gives students an enormous advantage when seeking a job after receiving their degree

Any donation – however large or small – is welcomed & greatly appreciated and can be used for tuition and education supplies!

GIVE NOW online and choose Africa Missions.

Sponsor an Orphan

Stop by the MissionU area (opposite the Connection Center) on Sunday mornings between May 15th and June 5th to learn how you can sponsor a child at an orphanage in Mozambique! $100 a year helps provide meals and more for these kids. All donations welcome.

Sponsoring an orphan in Mozambique is one the three primary ways to support the mission work Trietsch supports in this African country on the Indian Ocean. (The others are scholarships and the annual Silent Auction to fund health and welfare infrastructure).

Cost to sponsor an orphan is $100, which covers cost of school uniforms, other school needs during their school year, healthy breakfast and for day to day personal needs that might otherwise not be met without our help. 

Such a small amount can make such a huge impact! Contact Diane Naquin at for more information.

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mozambique missions

Food and Health

Food Production

You can give to help feed children who are living in the Mozambique Orphanage. It only costs $100/ year to sponsor an orphan and provide them with meals. Part of the donation also goes to agricultural development in Mozambique to create self-sustaining food development.


Your gifts to Mozambique Missions also help support the management, maintenance and health education in the community. When the head of the Chicuque Hospital was asked what his goal was for the hospital during development, he said, "I want a hospital with no patients in it."

Many of the health concerns in Chicuque can be addressed simply by educating the community about proper hygiene and preventative measures. We support the following health initiatives with our donations and presence:

  • Chicuque Rural Hospital
  • The Center of Hope Wellness Center - Give Now
  • Construction of a maternity ward

We pray that you'll join us in supporting our efforts in Mozambique, Africa.

Missionary Partners

In more than 60 countries around the world, United Methodist missionaries come from many places and backgrounds and witness and serve in dramatically different locales and cultures. They engage in a range of activities and professions including pastors, educators, congregational and leadership developers, regional coordinators for UMCOR, agriculturalists, health coordinators and doctors.

At Trietsch, we financially support one missionary and spiritually support one missionary family.


Rev. Arlindo Romão, Director of Center of Hope

In 2001, it became apparent that Mozambique was dealing with a very severe health crisis due to HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. There were no sufficient educational programs in place to reach the remote rural areas surrounding Chicuque Rural Hospital. Testing and treatment had been limited to the hospital setting. Those in remote areas have no transportation available to travel to the hospital and therefore no access to it. There is great need for the testing, treatment, counseling and home-based care to be taken to these rural areas through what we are calling actions of hope.

We financially support Rev. Arlindo Romão in his endeavors to serve the community of Chicucque.

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