Your donations during Lent will help fund the Mobile Clinic for Mozambique Missions. In 2020, funding dropped dramatically in a time when the clinic needed to educate and inform the community more than ever. Your generous gifts will help with COVID-19 education and screenings, as well as so many other healthcare needs. Learn more about the Mobile Clinic and consider making a donation during Lent to help us reach our goal of $50,000 to share hope and health with our neighbors.

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    A Hospital with No Patients

    The idea of the Center of Hope was a result of a planning meeting between the leaders of Trietsch Mozambique Missions and leadership of the Chicuque Rural Hospital in 2005.  The question was posed to the director of the hospital, “What is your dream for the hospital over the next 5 years?”  His answer was quick, and his dream seemed unattainable.  He said he dreamed of a hospital with no patients.  When asked how that could happen he replied, “Teach people why they are getting sick.”

    Over the next 10 years, Center of Hope provided education, treatment, and supplies to local communities, but the wanted to do more. There were thousands of people in the outer rural areas that still were not receiving the health care they needed.

    We needed to take the education to them.


    The Mobile Clinic

    In 2014, The Center of Hope proposed programming for Mobile Clinics. A medical team would travel to the rural villages where people did not have access to health care. During these visits, the team performed a number of health screenings, administered malaria and HIV testing, and treated various diseases. The medical professionals would check vital signs, weigh children, and perform basic check-ups. They would tend to those extremely ill and transport them to the hospital if necessary.

    The team noticed when they returned to many of these communities that someone in the village often would have taken ownership of the healthcare of the community. This individual would display a red cross at their house, which symbolized that all could come to them for reliable health-related advice.

    The medical team also hosted educational seminars focusing on basic prevention. They would teach the community the importance of nutrition, clean water, bed nets, HIV prevention, etc. They would monitor pregnant mothers and encourage first time mothers to deliver their babies in the hospital.  And with each visit they would be greeted by the entire community ready to learn more.


    COVID-19 Screenings & Education

    On top of all of the services and education the Mobile Clinic provides, vaccinations, disease prevention education, HIV/ AIDS education, hygiene information, safe medical supplies, etc, they are now faced with the challenge of adding COVID-19 education and testing to the list.

    During 2020, when health educations and best practices to fight off COVID-19 was perhaps needed the most, funding halted the Mobile Clinic outreach. With your Lent Donations, we will reinitiate this important endeavor.

    Thank you for your generosity and commitment to help our siblings in Christ in Mozambique lead healthy and full lives.


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