Mission of the Month

Throughout the year, the Missions Committee would like to uplift and support local nonprofits through collections, fundraisers, serving opportunities, and drives. Check this page or visit MissionU near the Connection Center to see the local mission we are supporting this month and what you can do to help!

If you have questions or mission suggestions, please contact Rev. Gracie Millard at graciem@tmumc.org.


Current Mission

Liberty Ministry

April Showers Towel Drive
March 26 - April 30

Liberty Ministry is collecting new bath towels and face cloths throughout the entire month of April to benefit Our Calling, Salvation Army, Cornerstone Ministries and Family Gateway. These ministries always need new towels as they have shower facilities available for people experiencing homelessness.

3 Ways to Donate

  1. Drop off donations on Sunday mornings in the MissionU Corner near the Connection Center
  2. Shop at Target (online or in person) to purchase towels through the Liberty Ministry Registry
  3. Contact Liberty Ministry for local pick up by messaging them through Facebook
towel drive

Upcoming Mission

UMCOR Relief Kits

UMCOR Cleaning Kits
Collection - April 16 - May 7
Assembly - May 14

After a storm strikes, there is a lot of clean up and we have a great way to help without being there. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) works diligently to help victims after disasters and one way they respond is to collect cleaning kits for distribution to communities immediately following tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and other disasters. 

We want to help! We are collecting supply donations to fill UMCOR Cleaning Kits. Please drop off donations at MissionU, located near the Connection Center April 16-May 7.  They have a very specific list of items that need to be in the kits. Please click on the link below and download the list of items needed.

Then on May 14 we will assemble the Cleaning Kits together. We will ship our kits to the UMCOR Relief Warehouse in Conroe, TX. Your generosity will enable those affected by disasters to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up. 

Please don't drop off donations until our collection time begins on April 16. We hope to collect for 4 weeks and assemble the following Sunday 5/14.

Download Supply List→

towel drive

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