Worship Services

Throughout Lent we offer Sunday worship every week, but we also have special services of important significance like Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.

At Home Kits

This year we invite you to participate in Lent and Holy Week activities with us from home with a special kit. We want all members of the church to feel connected and in community with each other.

Lent Podcast

As you begin your fasting journey this Lent, listen to these podcast episodes daily as a time set aside for God.

Fasting 101

Our Lenten focus as a church this year is fasting, but we know there is misunderstanding and confusion about what fasting means. This resource will help you get started on your fasting journey.

Donate to Lenten Mission

Your generous gifts will help with COVID-19 education and screenings, as well as so many other healthcare needs. Learn more about the Mobile Clinic and consider making a donation during Lent.

Empty to Full Study

Join a Bible Study based on the Empty to Full series. This is a great way to dive deeper into the Sunday morning message and bring Biblical Relevance to your life.

Empty to Full

Empty yourself through a season of fasting to make room for God’s fullness & freedom.

Download Our App

Download the TMUMC app to connect more deeply on Sunday mornings. Use the app to take worship notes, check the calendar, watch the latest sermons, give, read stories, and more.