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Homebound Visitation

Take a moment to consider how you might feel if you could no longer worship and attend your church. What would your life be like without the fellowship or worship experience?

 Many of our homebound members have attended church all of their lives, before the circumstance of their health or the health of a loved one made it difficult or impossible to attend services. Technology can only go so far. Many of our homebound members are not as fluent in digital channels, but desperately want to stay connected to the church and miss church fellowship profoundly. Through this ministry we also learn of the needs and health of our homebound congregation.

 Team members visit with our homebound friends and share a hug and a word of encouragement or prayer. We can also arrange for communion to be brought to a visit. Our goal is for each member to monthly receive two visits, telephone calls, or cards. This helps them feel connected and not forgotten and ensure they understand the value they still hold for this congregation. If you could see the happy faces of these members as they tell us how much they appreciate being a part of Trietsch again — we know you would sign up for this ministry today!

 Are you willing to help keep their connection with their church family alive? We are looking for people with a BIG heart to join our Homebound Visitation Team. If you are interested in serving those who are homebound with fellowship, communion or prayer, contact Jeanette Tumino at jeanettet@tmumc.org.


Homebound Visitation

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