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We had an amazing turnout at the Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Build kickoff, and work is ready to get started! We are so blessed to come together with local faith communities to serve others. If you signed up to volunteer at the kickoff meeting or you would like to volunteer, join us for a work day!

Work Day Info
  • Work days are on Saturdays through June 4 (skipping Easter and Memorial Day weekends) 
  • There are 2 shifts per day – AM - 8-12  and PM - 11-3  (with overlapping lunch from 11:30-12 so we can all share a meal together)
  • We are asked to sign up 2 people per shift, so that if each congregation can provide 2 people, we will have 20 volunteers onsite for each shift
  • For Liability insurance restrictions, you must be 16 or older to be onsite
  • Address:  506 Wye Street, Denton, TX 76205

Still need to sign up? Use the below link to join this amazing mission project. Contact Pam Taylor at with any questions.

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Meet the Crawford Family

Habitat for Humanity had the privilege of surprising the Crawford Family with the news that they had been chosen as the recipient of their 106th home, sponsored by our Interfaith Build partners! We are so excited to serve the Crawfords in this upcoming build. Please continue to pray for the Crawford family receiving the home, City of Denton officials, H4H staff, building professionals and suppliers, and the 10 faith congregations of volunteers that will come together, side-by-side to build this home.

Read Levetta Crawford's inspiring story:

Levatta Crawford is the single mother of 5 children: niece Katlyn (16) who has been in her care since she was 12 weeks old; daughters Ciara (14), Kaliah (12), and Kirsten (11); and son Keenen (8). She is recently divorced and receives no child support; she works two jobs and is the sole provider for her family. After all she has been through, Levatta continues to have a strong, positive attitude, and, after applying two times, never lost faith in one day owning her own Habitat home.

In December 2015, Levatta's oldest son, Adam, age 25, was at a party with her ex-husband's side of the family when a fight broke out, and he was shot and killed. He would have turned 31 last month. With the sudden loss of her son, and the loss of her nephew in a similarly tragic manner just 8 months prior, Levatta says she was woken up. She realized she wanted the best in the world for her kids and things needed to change.  

When Levatta and her ex-husband separated in the years following Adam's death, she and the five kids needed a place to go, so they rented a small 900 sqft. 2-bedroom home. Her ex-husband had been in poor health and wasn't able to work, so Levatta was used to working full-time to take care of the kids. She likes to work and frankly realized she had to work in order to afford to give her kids the best life she could, so she started working a part-time job in addition to her full-time job. Her resilience and love for her children in the face of immense hardship and trauma is inspiring. 

The Crawfords currently rent an overcrowded, 1200 sqft. 3-bedroom apartment, where the 8-year-old son sleeps on the sofa in the living room. She is grateful to be in a better place in life, but their apartment rent is steep and rose again in August 2021 when their lease renewed. Levatta is excited that through Habitat her children will get to live in a stable, safe, and affordable environment that gives them the feeling that this is their home that they can be proud of, and that her young son will finally have his own bedroom.

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