September 26 @ 4 - 7pm

Online (free) or In Person ($10)
Family Life Center
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Enneagram: the topic might excite you, frustrate you, annoy you, or maybe you’ve never heard of it before. But when it comes to becoming vulnerable, the first step into this worthy venture is better understanding ourselves. In the experience of our guest speaker, Doug Scott, no other tool for self-knowledge goes as deeply and as comprehensively as the Enneagram.  Often described as the Nine Faces of Christ, the Enneagram--which means "nine-sided shape" in Greek-- can help us become aware of the potential gifts and virtues which reside inside of us waiting to be discovered and nurtured. And in order for us to discover these gifts, we must do the hard work of taking off and setting aside the masks that we have created for ourselves. The wisdom of the Enneagram provides an essential light that cuts through our shallow selves to reveal core wounds that have structured much of our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. These structures emerge early on in our lives and become the foundation of our strategies for living. There is nothing wrong with the structures except for the fact that most of the time we are completely unaware that they exist.  And because we are not aware of their primary influences in our actions and attitudes about life, we are not nearly as free as we think we are.  This workshop will introduce two very important and interwoven teachings: The dynamics of the True Self and the False Self (also called the Anchored Self and Floating Self), and the Enneagram.  When these two teachings are combined, the invitation to new wholeness is given; and wholeness is the holiness that Christ modeled for us and asks us to live into so that we, ourselves, become Christ's hands and hearts which serve and love the world into the Kingdom of God. 

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Guest Speaker is Doug Scott, MA, MSW, LCSW. Dinner is included. Cost $10 per person (online attendees are free). Childcare is available for children ages 8 weeks to 10 years old with advanced reservations. Doug Scott, our guest speaker, grew up in Keller, TX. He graduated from Boston College with a Master's Degree in clinical social work and pastoral ministry. He has worked since 2001 as a mental health counselor.

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