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For more information on Lunch with the Pastor, Membership, Baptism, Methodism, or Gifted to Serve classes, please contact Director of Discipleship Denise Robinson at deniser@tmumc.org or 972-539-8547 ext. 220.

Lunch with the Pastor

Whether you're new to Trietsch or you've just never met Rev. Daniel Humbert, this is a great chance for you to ask Daniel anything. On each date we'll start at 12:15 pm in the FLC.

2019 Lunch Dates

  • March 31
  • May 5
  • June 30
  • August 25
  • October 27
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Gifted to Serve

Learn more about your unique giftedness from God and how to share that gift with others. Please complete the Gifted to Serve Discovery before you arrive. We will discover together how to apply your strongest spiritual gifts, your passions, and your ministry style in order to have a positive impact on others.  Serving within your giftedness will help you to  be more motivated, competent, and confident in your serving.

2019 Class Dates
Offered at 9:30 & 11 am

  • April 7
  • June 2
  • August 4
  • October 6
  • December 1
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As a prospective member, fully understand what you can expect from the church as a member and what the church expects from you. This three-week class will cover topics of why it is important to become a member of a local church and what that looks like at Trietsch.

2019 Class Dates
Offered at 9:30 &  11 am

  • March 17, 24, & 31
  • May 5, 12, & 19
  • July 14, 21, & 28
  • September 8, 15, & 22
  • November 3, 10, & 17

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Better understand the spiritual significance of the sacrament of baptism prior to having your child baptized or being baptized yourself. This class is required prior to any baptism.

2019 Class Dates
Only offered at 9:30 am

  • April 14
  • June 9
  • August 18
  • October 13
  • December 8

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Next Steps: Methodism is for those wanting to know more about Methodism and the Methodist church. We cover at a high level what makes Methodism unique, our history, our fundamental beliefs and how we deal with a rapidly changing culture. We meet in room 160. Take elevator to 1st floor, follow hallway, and it's located between 2 staircases.

2019 Class Dates
Offered at 9:30 & 11 am

  • March 3
  • October 20
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Complete the Gifted to Serve Discovery

Ministry Spotlight

Life Groups

Are you looking for deep, transformational connection? Join us as we get back to our Wesleyan roots and begin Life Groups. John Wesley stressed Life Groups, or what he called "class meetings," so greatly that it was a requirement for Methodist membership.

Life Groups are simply a group of 6-12 people who meet on a weekly basis to answer one question, "How is your life with God?" There is no curriculum and no expectations other than to show up.

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