Consistent Community

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Ways to Connect

We have so many ways for you to get connected, it can feel overwhelming! On this page, we're going to share some forms of community at Trietsch and provide great first steps to making new friends and sharing life together.

If you'd like to browse all ministries and programs at Trietsch, CLICK HERE. We have programs for men, women, children, youth, music, special needs, fitness, and more!

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Life Groups

We always say, if you're only going to participate in one group outside of worship - make it a Life Group! Life Groups are Trietsch's groups of 6-12 people who get together each week in convenient locations to answer one simple question, "How is your life with God?"   You will be shocked how much this one question can help you grow in your faith each week.

There is no curriculum or studies in a Life Group. It's simply setting aside time to share life with others. We offer Life Group launches throughout the year! Click the below link if you're interested in joining or leading a Life Group.

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Expanding Community

Community doesn't just exist inside the church. We want to expand our community and spread God's love to our neighbors, coworkers, and people we come in contact with daily. We have a clear vision for our surrounding community to transform the culture.

We envision a community where people matter, brokenness is healed, and love is lived.


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Meet The Pastors

Our pastors are excited to meet you! They love grabbing a cup of coffee and talking about life and faith. We offer events throughout the year with the purpose of getting to know the pastors, but you can also email or call them any time to connect. 

Check out upcoming "Meet The Pastors" events or just read their bios to get to know them better. Say hello and introduce yourself on Sundays.

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What makes a church community?

We've explored the meaning of community in the Life + God Podcast and in the church blog. What does community mean to you? Are churches living into the concept of community or are we walling off? What does community look and feel like in 2022? These are some of the questions Alyssa Robinson, Aaron Willis, and Rev. Karen Chraska explore in this episode of the Life + God Podcast. Let's work together to create community outside of the church walls so the people around us can experience God's love.

You can also read the blog post from Alyssa Robinson, "Do I need community?"

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