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Getting Started

Picking up a Bible and starting to read can feel intimidating. We get it! It is important to be in the Word of God daily, but it doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Start by setting aside 5 minutes each day to read a piece of The Bible. We can each find 5 minutes to be in relationship with God.

Don’t own a Bible? We have stacks of Bibles in both English and Spanish that we’d love to give you. Contact Denise Robinson at to get a free Bible.

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Weekly Reading Plan

A great way to get started reading your Bible is by joining us in a weekly reading plan by YouVersion. Each week we'll feature a new reading plan that aligns with our worship series topic. Getting started is easy:

  1. Download the YouVersion Bible App and create account
  2. Click “Discover” and search for Trietsch
  3. Set Trietsch as your church

That's it! Once you set Trietsch as your church you'll be able to find our featured reading plan for the week. If you have questions, please email Alyssa Robinson at

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Join a Bible Study

Participating in a Bible Study is a great way to read through Scripture in community. We recommend joining a study to help you think more deeply about what God is trying to tell you through the text, hear different perspectives and interpretations of Scripture, and receive guidance on what to read next.

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YouVersion Bible App

We live in a time of technology when there are so many tools and resources to make exploring scripture easy. YouVersion is just one of them. In YouVersion, also known as The Bible App, you can read any scripture from The Bible, follow along with daily reading plans, set up daily reading notifications, and share scripture socially.

Pastor Daniel Humbert uses YouVersion every day to share scripture with his followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Download Our App

Download the TMUMC app to connect more deeply on Sunday mornings. Use the app to take worship notes, check the calendar, watch the latest sermons, give, read stories, and more.