Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

We are a community of people willing to admit struggles with substance abuse, pornography, food addictions, gambling, sex addiction, or anything else that consumes us inside and out. Let's create a culture in the church that acknowledges addiction as a challenge that touches us all. Our addiction recovery events and groups are a safe space for those personally facing addiction and family members affected by addiction. This is a judgement-free zone where all are welcomed and loved as they are. All races, education levels, sexual orientations, gender identities, beliefs, political affiliation are welcome to join as exactly as God made you.

ReNew- a Community in Recovery


"Don't be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you can figure out what God’s will is—what is good and pleasing and mature." - Romans 12:2 (CEB)

Renew is a community of men and women of all ages who have chosen to acknowledge their struggles with alcohol, drugs, and other unhealthy life choices. The group gathers weekly for a time of study, fellowship, mutual encouragement, accountability and support. Each week we explore what it means to make healthier life choices. Themes covered include: Hope, forgiveness, fear, courage, shame, guilt, grace, numbing, addiction.

  • What happens at a renew gathering? Each week we explore what it means to make healthier life choices. The themes covered include: hope, forgiveness, fear, courage, shame, guilt, grace, numbing, addiction.
  • When does renew meet? Renew meets every Wednesday at 6:30 in room 270. Please contact Rev. Doug Meyer at for more information.
At ReNew, we openly admit that...
  • We are insecure, proud and occasionally obnoxious, self-centered and feel entitled.
  • We blame, isolate, hide, rationalize and minimize.
  • We are frequently angry, or sad or lonely, impulsive, impatient and selfish.
  • At times we are dishonest, we deceive others and we lie.
  • We carry shame about our choices & behaviors.
...and we choose to love and support each other through it all. We are here for you. Want to know more? Contact Rev. Doug Meyer at

Addiction Recovery Resources

Download our Healing and Recovery Support Resources to see lists of support groups, reading materials, prayers, community organizations, and websites that we recommend for getting started with recovery. You can also pick up a printed version at the Info Desk on Sundays.

TrietschCarry the Message
Flower Mound — A Daily Reprieve, Rockpointe
Argyle — Cross Timbers Church
Lewisville — Old Town Lewisville
Denton  — The Show Me Group
Dallas — 12th Step Ministries, Lovers Lane UMC
Teen AA is for young people suffering from addiction.
Thursdays, 6:30pm,  Family Life Center, room 242

Awakening Alanon - Thursdays, 6:30pm or Saturday 9:30am , Family Life Center, room 240
Al-anon Meetings

Community Organizations

Denton Freedom House

What if someone was deserted and left to die in a vacant lot in downtown Dallas without a penny? By the grace of God, a "passer-by" then gave him a ride to a place north of Denton who took him in, fed and clothed him, and helped him get back on his feet through 6 months of Christian counseling and training. This is the true story of a man who was uplifted by Denton Freedom House.

Denton Freedom House’s mission is to liberate broken men from their bondage of sin and addiction by the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip them to become prosperous disciples of Christ with Kingdom vision, purpose and direction.

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Winning the Fight

A note from the Executive Director, Kathy O’Keefe:
WTF was developed after losing our son, Brett Morgan O’Keefe, to an accidental drug overdose. He fought and lost. We choose to be a part of Winning, not losing. Brett was well known for using the “WTF” in a loving and kidding manner. So, we used the initials and changed the meaning to something positive.

There is a resurgence in drug addiction all over America that is coming back in a very real way. Most of the time it starts with prescription pills, but quickly leads to more extreme drugs. People that are affected by this are not psychologically disturbed, junkies or criminals, but normal kids that come from very normal families. The Center for Disease Control declared that in 2017, 72,000 people died from drug overdoses. That is one person every 7.3 minutes. Of those numbers, 49,000 were from opioids.

Our goal is to educate. Most families do not educate themselves to the destruction of addiction until it happens to them and then it becomes necessary. They make drug use a moral issue when it is not. Our goal is to help parents realize that this can happen to normal families. This is happening in areas all over America. If no one speaks out, we cannot change the stigma and the judgment. 

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Brett Morgan O’Keefe January 28, 1992 – March 20, 2010

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