Our Unshackled campaign started in February of 2016 and is an ongoing 3-pledge campaign. Even if you weren't part of the original Unshackled campaign, you are always welcome to make a commitment. Browse the campaign materials, ministry opportunities, and consider making a pledge below. 


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Letter From Rev. Daniel Humbert

Since the very beginning, it has been the passion of those at Trietsch to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. That drive for a personal relationship with Christ and others is what caused such rapid growth in our early years.

Because of that growth, Trietsch was constantly in need of larger and more facilities to meet the demands of reaching new people. The generosity of the congregation has always risen to the challenge to meet this high demand. Even given that generous spirit, the facilities we enjoy today were financed in order to accelerate our capacity to reach new people for Christ.

We are now at a critical moment in the history of Trietsch.

The Finance Committee and the Leadership Board have unanimously chosen to take steps to UNSHACKLE the church from some of the burden of debt so we can commit ourselves more fully to biblical relevancy, radical love and servant ministry. 

Our combined debt is $7,700,430, requiring us to pay over $455,000 yearly. We do not want to remain in bondage to this debt. The time is now to step forward in faith and UNSHACKLE ourselves from this burden. The reason is simple: by reducing this debt, more funds are freed for transforming lives and serving others. 

Together, we can UNSHACKLE the church to do more! Join us this spring as we commit to reduce our debt and enlarge our hearts for the sake of Christ.

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Not Equal Share, But Equal Sacrifice

The concept of equal giving has never existed at our church. Instead, we believe that the sacrifice should be equal. This ensures that there is a role in this capital funding campaign for every member of the church. Everyone’s sacrifice is important if we are to be successful. Your financial involvement is a decision between you and the Lord. Giving is a part of worship, but giving must come from your heart to please God. You will never be pressured, nor told what you should give. However, we ask that you pray to discern God’s will for your participation in the campaign.

We are asking the Trietsch family to step up in faith by giving above and beyond their tithe and offerings to help us become UNSHACKLED from our debt and free us to do more. In April, we will ask you to commit financially to the campaign. Please pray daily over this campaign and pray about what God wants you to do. Prayer is the most critical component of UNSHACKLED

Jesus said to them, “Unbind him, and let him go.” John 11:44b (NRSV)

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Emphasis on Ministry

Our goal is to re-purpose dollars currently going to service debt in order to fulfill our mission with greater passion, urgency and effectiveness.

Ministry Examples

  • Current debt is $7,700,430
  • $455,000 spent annually to pay off debt
  • If we pay off just half of our debt we save $227,500 a year that could be used to touch more lives
  • Model responsible money management
  • Celebrate a reduction of our debt
“...let us strip off every weight that slows us down... and run with endurance the race...” Hebrews 12:1

Everyone Can Participate
  • Pray, pray, pray for the mission and ministry of Trietsch
  • Pray our daily prayer “Lord, what do you want to do through me?”
  • Learn about ministry initiatives and how our debt constrains us
  • Share your enthusiasm with other church members
  • Examine your finances to position yourself to pledge over 3 years, to give a one-time gift, or to give as you can
  • Jump in and see what God can do in and through you!