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Will You Continue to Pray?

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A Closing Reflection on Human Trafficking

Great movements of history – from early abolition to civil rights – have often been led by the Church and fueled by prayer. Prayer builds and illuminates the pathway. As we engage the work of justice through prayer, we join a global movement of intercessors, co-laborers and justice seekers spanning history to bring slavery and violent oppression to an end.

In a world of slavery, human trafficking and other forms of violent oppression, when darkness leads us to despair, we must bring out the light that dwells within us. We must set our hearts and affection on the source of that light—Christ himself—and in doing so, we will be empowered to stand still, to pray and to “see the glorious works of the Lord” (Psalm 46:8-9). He is laying the path. And we are illuminating it with each prayer, with each step we take. The way of justice is led by the way of prayer.

We must be relentless in our intercession. Without it, we will be groping in the dark, without vision, without a streamlined advancement to the end goal. Intercession maintains the end goal as its aim – it never loses sight, because the heart of the intercessor relies on the heart of God. In the movement to end violent oppression, intercession must lead the way.

The work stands to fail or succeed on one central factor—will the intercessors choose to pray? Will you?

Posted by Alyssa Shibata at 6:00 AM