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Why Lead?

Our mission at Trietsch is leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, but what does it mean to lead? Does it mean that you have to know more than everyone else in the room? You need to know how to find everything in the Bible? You need to go to seminary? You have to have organizational skills, be an extrovert, or be available to your group every day of the week? No! Being a leader simply means you're willing to start something new and trust in God.

I think all of us have been willing to start something new at some point in our lives, right? When we ask you to step into leadership, it's because we see God's potential. God has used people as leaders throughout history who felt like they weren't the right choice to lead: Moses, Esther, Paul, and Mary Magdelene are just a few examples.

So where will you lead?

Here are what some of our Life Group leaders have to say about why they chose to lead a group. Life Groups are starting up again this Sunday! Stop by the Ministry Center any time between 9-11 am this Sunday for breakfast and to learn more. If you're interested in leading a group, contact Denise Robinson at deniser@tmumc.org.


Griff Gray -  Serving as a group leader will offer me an opportunity to have a deeper friendships. Serving will also provide an opportunity to give back to the Trietsch community and the hospitality and warmth that I've received.


Barrett and Lauren Pliler - Lauren and I both chose to become Life Group Leaders because we want to share the same growth in faith and fellowship that we have experienced with our current Life Group. The spiritual connections we have made in our current Life Group impact us every day because we know that others in our group are with us as we continue on our faith journey through the ups and downs in life. 


Shanna Freer - I chose to be a leader because I made a commitment to nurture myself along with being a mother and wife. Nurturing my spiritual life will help keep me energized to take care of my family. To do that, I wanted to build relationships with others and have the accountability to be aware of God's presence in our everyday life.  


Jeanne Fox - I have been a member of a Life Group for a full year and I love it. The Life Group has provided much needed time each week to pause and reflect on the ways I have seen God at work. As an over-scheduled wife and mother of 13 and 17-year-old sons, I cherish that time each week to visit with the group, to share our experiences, to laugh and to support one another. I am excited to meet even more friends in a new Life Group.


Tammy Hise - I decided to lead a Life Group because I love connecting with new people and being able to share our faith journey together. I can't wait to get to know my group and start sharing our lives with each other.


Karen Chraska - I chose to be a Life Group leader because I realized I wasn't in any small group with the expressed purpose of sharing my Christian Life. All the groups I participate in have a task…something to accomplish. Just doing life together and finding God in and through all of it has proved to be a blessing and a highlight of my week.


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