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Why Join a Life Group?

Amy Parsons interviewed the Pippetts about their Life Group. See their answers below. Life Groups start the week of February 11, but you can join a new Life Group up until March 4 at TMUMC.ORG/life.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie and Alex Pippett, new members at Trietsch, about their involvement in their Life Group. Stephanie grew up at Trietsch as Stephanie Robinson – and I was thrilled to be a part of the village that raised her here! She married Alex who was a Captain in the U.S. Army for 8 years and they were stationed in various places before leaving the service and moving back to the area.

We are so happy to have them back at Trietsch and getting plugged in to various areas and wanted to find out more about their Life Group:

Amy: How did you first find out about life groups?
My mom told me about it when [the church] was launching new groups.
Alex: Stephanie and Denise [Robinson] told me about it.

Amy: Were you immediately interested in joining one or did it take time to decide?
Stephanie: No. We weren't members and didn’t know if we wanted to get involved in a small group if we weren’t even members of the church yet. 
No. I wanted to get involved in a Bible Study of some sort but wasn't sure if this small group would lead to deep discussion.

Amy: What were your first thoughts when you went to your first one?
Stephanie: I liked it a lot. I was very excited to get to know a group of people from the church that didn't know me as "Denise and Chris's daughter." 
Alex: I was pleasantly surprised by everyone's openness on the first night!

Amy: Did those thoughts/feelings change as it continued?
Stephanie: No. I love it! I have become friends with the members of my group and communicate with some throughout the week. One person even joined a Bible Study with me during the week in addition to life group.  
Alex: No. We have grown even closer in the short three months that we have been in a life group. Everyone is open and honest.

Amy: How has your Life Group fit into your day to day life? 
Stephanie: I really look forward to my life group each week. I enjoy it and I appreciate a time with my husband and friends that is child free and spiritually satisfying. Free childcare allows me to take a break from mothering for an hour and a half and solely focus on my life with God.
Alex: It's definitely a priority every week. I think about the people in my group during the week and pray for them.

Amy: What does your Life Group mean to you?  How is it important?
Stephanie: It means a lot. I can be 100% honest with the people in my life group. Christianity isn't always roses and sunshine…in fact it rarely is. I appreciate having a group of people that can take the good, the bad, and the ugly and continue to love and pray for one another. There has been lots of laughter in our group and a few tears too. I love the confidentiality and trust the people in my group to uphold it.
Alex: It provides a strong sense of fellowship…especially since we are new to the area. It helps me unload and refocus after a long work week!

Amy: Do you feel better connected to the church and its members?
Stephanie: Yes. I feel like I know more people on Sunday morning that I can talk to. I am praying for people in my church family throughout the week. I have people who I can call if I'm having a hard time with anything.
Alex: I sure do!

Stephanie and Alex added that one of their favorite things about Life Group is that they don't have to prepare ANYTHING to attend Life Group. One of the differences in our Life Groups and the Bible Studies we offer is that there is no curriculum and no preparation. While many of our studies may not need you to do anything prior to meeting, none of the Life Groups do. 

The time spent in a Life Group meeting is literally designed by each individual group, asking the question, "Where have you seen God this week?"  and "What is God doing in your life?"  What better question to share with one another?

We have just started a launch for brand new Life Groups and it’s not too late to join one!  Find out more at TMUMC.ORG/life.

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