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What am I getting into?

ReNew starts this Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Ministry Center! Rev. Doug Meyer shares what to expect and what you might experience. CLICK HERE to learn more about ReNew:

Considering attending ReNew? Let me tell you what are you getting yourself into.

In the beginning, the hardest part will be deciding to show up. Every Wednesday you will have a million excuses as to why you are too busy. 

The next hardest part will be the walk from the parking lot into the building.

You will feel waves of regret and nausea. 

Self-talk with try to con you out of attending. You will hear a little voice in your ear saying things like:

"You are not of these people."
"You do not have a problem."

"This is waste of time!"

Get out of the car anyway!

Once inside you will:

  1. Almost immediately notice that the other people in the room are incredibly normal (or at least as normal looking as you).
  2. You will notice people speaking of topics that sound just like stuff you have said before and things you have done before, but thought they could not be spoken out loud.
  3. You will hear people telling the truth - it will be, at times, unsettling.
  4. You may recognize people you know.

What won't happen:

  1. You will never be called on to speak or share; in time, you may choose to do so.
  2. You will never be made to feel less than or shamed.

At times you will be anxious and unsettled because this stuff is starting to hit close to home.

If you keep showing up, some of these habits will rub off on you.

It gets easier the more often you show up.

There will come a day when you speak up. It will feel amazing!

So put your fears aside and join me for ReNew every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm. Come and see what this community in recovery is all about.

See you there,
Pastor Doug

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 12:21 PM
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