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My Life is Full of Weeds!

Rev. Doug Meyer has learned a lot about his faith life by working in his yard. Check out a note from Doug:

I find weed pulling very therapeutic. 

It's as simple 1-2-3...

  1. I see a weed in my lawn or flower bed
  2. I bend over and pull it out or spray it with some horrible toxic chemical
  3. BOOM – no more weed! 

Wouldn’t it be nice if pulling the weeds out of our lives were as simple?! In reality life-weed pulling is not as simple as that.

First, you have to learn the difference between a weed and a blade of grass… some of the bad weeds disguise themselves as good grasses. After that you have to learn which ones you can remove by simply pulling them up, roots and all! Some are nearly impossible to get rid of, take for instance nutsedge or nutgrass.

Howard Garrett, a long-time organic advocate in Texas, had a great bit about this weed on his "Dirt Doctor" website recently. 

Garrett says, "There is only one guaranteed, foolproof method to completely kill nutgrass. First, dig out every tiny piece of the plant including the seeds and nutlets. Make sure you sift the soil through a mesh screen. Dump the collected material on the driveway and burn it. Sweep up all the ashes and seal in a concrete box. Drive to the coast and dump the sealed box 20 miles off shore."  

I don't know about you, but I have some struggles in my daily life that get in the way of faith-filled living. They are a lot like nutgrass – they are almost impossible to get rid of!

One of my deeply rooted “weeds” is my need to be in control. Occasionally when I pray I say, "Lord what do you want to do through me?" And when I am done I start making plans …sometime they include God. I get busy directing my coming and going around my wants and desires and …sometime they include God.

Over time I have learned that this busyness distracts me from living a faith-filled life. For example, I believe we are called to be  good stewards of time and money, yet we are really busy – so we justify eating out – eating out costs a lot more than cooking at home. If we cooked at home that would free up more resources to use toward faith causes.

Also, I have very little self control when I find a “really good deal” on a new pair of shoes or a new shirt. I DO NOT need either, but I do not pass up the good deal.  Again, imagine what could be done “for good” with the money I spent on a new pair of shoes and a shirt! 

So, what am I going to do about the weeds growing my faith yard? I am going to learn to recognize them and pull them out as soon as I see them. I am going to share this awareness with you and a few friends and let them poke me when they notice my yard is getting over run by weeds.

How about you, do you have any weeds growing in your faith yard?