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Warming Up to Life Groups

Our next Life Group launch is Sunday, May 6 at 11 am in the Ministry Center. Stop by to learn more about Life Groups or visit TMUMC.ORG/life.

"Life Group is a foundation for the entire week." David Ware shares his thoughts on how his hesitations for first joining a Life Group melted away at the very first meeting.  

David and Michelle Ware have been members at Trietsch for about 6 years. They have two college age children attending Texas A&M (David adds in a "Gig 'Em" for good measure) and both work together at the same office. When they first heard about Life Groups during Sunday morning worship, Michelle and David were not interested. It took some "warming up" time to nudge them into considering joining a group. David says he was even concerned about whether others who had been participating already would "think they were weird" or that he and Michelle would feel unwelcome.   

They made the decision to join a group and those fears were gone almost as quickly as they could walk into the room. Their particular Life Group is made up of a variety of people in different stages of life. It's one of their favorite things about their group!  

"For Michelle and I, it is great to hear (because we forgot) the challenges and strains younger families have. It's also a real blessing hearing about the way families evolve and grow."

David then adds that everyone in the group has a critical part of the fabric of the Life Group itself. Each person is important and they have become closer and more connected.  

The Wares love sharing their stories of their day to day lives with their group, but even more so, hearing the way God is touching their new friends lives as well. They have found that being in a Life Group has not only made them feel closer and more connected with the church, but even with each other as well. The Wares now try to schedule their events of the week AROUND the Life Group instead of trying to fit it in. 

David adds that the greatest blessing is in hearing the simple yet profound ways that God blesses each person every day. "Hearing others in our group talk about their cheers, jeers, and shared disappointments is not always fun but adds meaning to our faith."

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 9:43 AM
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