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Volunteer Spotlight: Taryn Cain

Amy Parsons interviewed Taryn Cain as our Volunteer Spotlight. Do you know someone who deserves recognition? Email Amy at amyp@tmumc.org.

We are excited this month to recognize Taryn Cain as our Volunteer Spotlight for August! Taryn has been at Trietsch for many years and is the daughter of members Chuck and Peggy Moseley. Her ministry focus is Stage Right, Trietsch's Youth Drama Group.

While growing up, Taryn was in both theater and choir. She attended Trietsch where she went through confirmation, youth and was a member of the youth choir. After high school graduation, Taryn attended UNT where she earned a communications degree – and even had the opportunity to do one semester at Disney World in their college program. While at Disney, she had fun as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Winnie the Pooh, and many more characters!

Having always loved theater, Taryn was Maria in Trietsch's production of Sound of Music and Grace in Annie. She scripted her first full show, Music Always Repeats Itself, putting together favorite Broadway tunes in a great musical review and even enlisted husband, Jordan, in the set building and design of her show! 

That show lit a fire in her heart and began to realize that she HAD to find a way to combine her love of theater and her love of God and started her ministry, Stage Right. Taryn's heart is big and her desire for everyone to have a place helped her to see that there was a need for this ministry and it began doing shorter drama vingnettes in worship is now getting ready to open it's FOURTH full show!

Stage Right combines devotionals, community service, prayer, and much more all while working on drama scenes, skits, film and full length shows. Taryn wants EVERY youth to know that they have a place in Stage Right, whether it's acting, costume design, technical theater or writing. For more information on being a part of Stage Right, contact Taryn at hello@stagerightministry.com.

We are excited to have Stage Right's newest show, Esther, opening on August 10th and running through the 13thThis full length musical tells the Old Testament story of Esther, a young Jewish girl who would one day become Queen. Taryn and the youth have been working daily to present a fabulous show with singing and dancing, all while sharing a beautiful biblical story. This will be a great opportunity to bring the family to a live show and support Stage Right ministry at the same time.

Tickets may be purchased at tmumc.org/esther and are on sale now!

Thank you, Taryn, for your love of our young people and the HUNDREDS OF HOURS you have given to help these youth share their gifts in such a special way. Trietsch appreciates you!


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