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Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy Johnson

Nancy and Art Johnson first visited Trietsch on Christmas Eve in 1997. Both having been "privileged to grow up in faith-filled homes" as Nancy lovingly says, they were excited to find a church home at Trietsch.  They have three children and two grandsons and have enjoyed being involved since joining 20 years ago in January.

Nancy refers to herself as a "Professional Volunteer," having not worked outside the home, but being very active in their previous church and she was feeling spiritually tired. She decided to take a rest from volunteer work to enjoy bible studies, sketching and relaxing on their patio and made new friends in the SOS Sunday School class. While she believes this was a season where God was encouraging rest, her heart began to be tugged toward the Stephen Ministry. New to her, Nancy was drawn to the idea of being a sounding board and a listening ear to someone going through challenges and hurt. She soon went through Stephen Ministry training and found it to be one of the most fulfilling spiritual opportunities she's ever had.

A few years later, Nancy had a struggling few years with her health. Following surgery for a stent in her trachea, and several years of "needing others to do for her," Nancy was even more thankful for the breath of life and again longed to find her place in volunteering at church. She found out that the church was looking for volunteers to organize and replenish the "pew pockets" in the sanctuary, cleaning out trash and making sure each pew has all the cards, information and reading materials. For many years now, Nancy and her friends come in each week during the day and spend hours making sure that our pews are organized and ready each week with information for members and guests alike.  

Nancy has also volunteered in many other areas at church - including using her sewing skills as well. She has helped with costumes for some of the musicals and created the skirting for the portable stage in the Family Life Center. Nancy LOVES being a volunteer and says that one of the most special things is that you get to see changes for the better! 

"Something needs doing and you have the interest and the skills to make a valuable difference," exudes Nancy. She is also quick to show appreciation to those who volunteer with her.

Nancy is thrilled to work alongside, Pam Mailand, who is quick to shoulder the full responsibility of their volunteer ministry when Nancy and Art travel. Pam is Nancy's co-leader and together these two women work in an unsung hero position for so many of us at Trietsch.  

Nancy adds that it's important to remember that nothing is perfect and often, obstacles may get in the way of your volunteering. She puts her faith in God, that the answers and solutions will always come and reminds us that there are times when it's ok to say "no."  However, "the wonderful, peace-filled feeling you receive from knowing that you are helping and making a difference - lightening someone else's load" is so rewarding and a blessing to all."

Nancy finishes, reminding us that God has a call on each of our lives and encourages us to listen for His whisper on each of our hearts.  Thank you, Nancy and your team, for all you do here at Trietsch!  

If you would like to volunteer in this ministry with Nancy and Pam, feel free to contact Tammy Hise at TammyH@tmumc.org.

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