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Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Nelson

Amy Parsons sat down with Karen Nelson, our Volunteer of the month. Thank you, Karen, for all you do! Sign up to serve at tmumc.org/serve.

I had the wonderful honor and opportunity to sit down with Karen Nelson, our very first Volunteer Spotlight. Karen and her husband, Nate, as well as their two children, Jake (a Freshman at Baylor) and Allie (a Jr at Marcus), have been at Trietsch for about eight years.

Originally from the Houston area, Karen was a school teacher for many years, having taught in the same school district where she grew up as well as in Carrollton. She now works from home with her husband in his healthcare business and has her own pet sitting business as well! This busy lady still has time, however, to serve in a vital capacity for each one of us at Trietsch.

Karen volunteers for the hospitality and connections department, reaching out to people that we've missed seeing at church in a while. Each week, Karen makes phone calls, checking on our members and serving as an outreach to those who were absent due to illnesses, out of town travel and many other reasons. It occurred to me in listening to her describe what she does, how much she is truly a connection for us to so many ministries!

If she reaches a member who has had an illness, surgery or some kind of challenge in their life that has prevented them from coming to church, she will communicate with our caring ministries to make sure that pastors and others involved in shepherding ministries are aware. If someone has simply had a problem with our check-in or fast pass, she can also pass that information along as well.

All human beings crave a connection in some way with others. The bible tells us in Genesis that we were not designed to be alone. When we miss our friends in church, we all have wonderful intentions of reaching out, but in the hustle and bustle of busy lives, it's easy to forget. Karen is there to help each one of us by picking up that phone and keeping that connection with our church family.

Karen shared with me the friendships she's developed just from doing this ministry. She has gotten to know several people from her phone calls and has one or two people that she checks in with periodically to chat, just to maintain those friendships she's made while making her weekly calls. She even enjoyed meeting one man at her bible study that told her "I remember you! You called me to check on me when I was out." 

What a beautiful way to put a face to a name, to reach out as a representative of Trietsch and to show all of us that we ARE radically loved and missed when we're not here!  Thank you, Karen, for your servant ministry and all you do for Trietsch!