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Volunteer Spotlight: Candy Day

This month's Volunteer Spotlight shines on our own Candy Day and all she has done for us here at Trietsch! If you know someone who should be recognized for their service, contact Amy Parsons at amyp@tmumc.org.

Candy has been at Trietsch since 1993 after moving here from Pennsylvania. She and her husband, Tom, have two grown daughters, one grown son, and two granddaughters. She first got connected when she signed up for "Experiencing God," a study led by long time church member, Jan Deering.

When asked how she first got interested in volunteering, she remembers going into the church office to visit a staff member, Steve Hines, and hearing the phone ringing. She commented to him that it was ringing and someone should answer it and he asked her if she'd like to!

Candy has served Trietsch in many different areas. She enjoyed traveling with the youth when her daughters were teens and going to Mexico on their mission trips. Candy would cook meals – at that time, using two Bunsen burners! She lovingly comments that her oatmeal could've been used as brick mortar on the houses they were building. As Candy found ways to serve, others began to appreciate her amazing talent as an artist. She has a beautiful eye for art: drawing, painting and interior design as well.

Candy began doing more interior design work as The Home Arranger and donating her time to the Mozambique mission auction. Along with Mike Sherwood and Dart West, she helped to design and create the altar, cross and baptismal font that is currently in the sanctuary. "It was such a privilege and an honor and so humbling to do," Candy says of her work on those pieces.

Through the years, Candy has served as a Stephen Minister, worked with MAD camp and has been involved in both Sunday school and a Bible study for most of her time here. It was about 5 or 6 years ago that she began doing the altar dressing each week for worship. Candy comes in weekly to take time to create a design on the altar in worship that fits with the season and the theme of each worship series. She painstakingly arranges fabric, floral pieces, candles and other various decor to create a setting for the elements of worship. Her eye for design is used in such a beautiful and holy way that each one of us benefits from her God-given gifts.

Candy, thank you so much for sharing your gifts with Trietsch for more than 20 years. You are a blessing to us all!

If you are seeking ways to get involved and to share YOUR talents and gifts with God's kingdom, please visit the "YES" board outside the sanctuary. There are many needs throughout the church and they can range from leadership positions, behind the scenes, artistic, mechanical, technological and SO MUCH MORE.

We are told in 1 Corinthians how VITAL each one of us is to the body of Christ. Trietsch is a great place to get connected and share your abilities and interests in a way that serves others. Come volunteer today.

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 8:39 AM
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