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Trunk or Treat 2018

Sunday, October 28
5 - 6 pm
FREE Event for all ages

Trunk or Treat is back! We'd love for you to host a trunk. Please contact Director of Children & Family Ministries Julie Hawkins at juliehawk@tmumc.org to sign up to host.

All ages can participate; either decorate a trunk or bring your children and their friends.  This is a great opportunity to reach out to your community and be invitational.  We'll have a bounce house, ice cream truck, activities and lots of fun!

Denise Robinson shares how Trunk or Treat reminds her of childhood:

Memories are funny things. Just the other day, I was in line behind a family at the store who were talking with great animation about what they were going to be this year for Halloween. It immediately took me back to the Halloweens of my childhood.

I am an Army brat. This means that I moved about every 18 months. I attended 9 different schools between kindergarten and 12th grade. In most situations, that can be frightening - but the military community is a little different. People are always moving in and moving out so “new kid” isn’t a necessarily a stigma.

The housing area on an Army post is a wonderful community with apartments, duplexes, schools, play grounds and stores all within walking distance. We definitely got to know our neighbors. For us kids, Halloween was one of the extra fun times on post. Instead of Trick or Treating house to house, we went stairwell to stairwell. All of the apartments in one stairwell would join forces, combine candy and set up a table outside. Because they joined forces, they usually splurged for the good stuff! (You know what I mean.)

I had a range of homemade costumes that I rotated each year (advantages of moving).  I was either a hobo, a rabbit or some kind of dancer.  My brother’s costumes rotated between a robot and the headless horseman.  Halloween night was so much fun, going from table to table to collect candy and visit with friends.

It occurs to me that my experience is very similar to Trunk or Treat at Trietsch. Instead of going table to table in front of stairwells, kids go car to car in front of Trietsch. Won't you join us on October 29 for this fun event?

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